Depending on which airline you work for, you book your non-rev tickets through MyIDTravel, ID90, your airline’s proprietary software, or another non-rev ticketing platform. Since your airline’s revenue does not rely on standby tickets, its budget is not focused on delivering the best user experience on its internal booking systems. As a result, many of these websites seem to have been built in the nineties. A potential full-fare passenger is greeted by beautiful websites that take away as much of the friction of booking a ticket as possible. Finding the desired flight is a breeze, and the website conveniently stores all the relevant visitor data, including credit card details, to make future bookings as easy as pressing a few buttons.

Status quo

How different is this experience for non-rev travelers? Every time I book a standby ticket, I have to enter all my details. Most websites that are built after 2010 follow default HTML standards for autofill in forms, allowing your browser to autofill input fields like your name, address, and credit card details. Not non-rev booking systems. Every time I want to buy a ticket, I need to re-enter my personal information and credit card details, like it’s 1999. After this endeavor, I close my eyes, cross my fingers, and press ‘Pay’, which could have been labeled ‘Pray’ instead. Will it work and book me a ticket this time, or will it present another incomprehensible error?



At StaffTraveler, we strive for the easiest and smoothest user experience (UX) possible. We are a small team committed to improving non-rev travel for our community. We have to choose which features to build wisely, but when we do something, we do it right – and we hope that has been your experience with us. Unlike most booking platforms, we are open to user feedback 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At StaffTraveler, we value user feedback and are constantly striving to improve our services. With the help of the hundreds of valuable suggestions we receive each year, we are able to make constructive changes that enhance the StaffTraveler experience for all our users. Our approach has led to a fast growing community of over 740,000 members (January 2024) who rely on StaffTraveler to make their non-rev experience more enjoyable.


What would a 5-star non-rev ticketing experience look like?

What if StaffTraveler would build a ticketing platform for your non-rev needs? What would a 5-star flight booking platform for non-rev travelers look like? How would it work? Would you see the number of open seats before confirming your booking, or would you still have to gamble based on the number of sellable seats or worse: smileys 😉? Would you have to repeat the tedious process of typing in details that you have provided before, or would booking a flight be as easy as a few taps on your phone – or perhaps even a simple conversation with Casey?

What platform do you have to use to book your staff travel tickets, and in what ways do you think it could be improved? We are eager to hear your suggestions! Comment below or share your ideas with us at [email protected].

Share your ideas with us
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