Jerusalema Dance Challenge

A complete overview of #JerusalemaChallenge videos by aviation staff around the world, made during the global COVID-19 pandemic.


A complete overview of creative #dontrushchallenge videos by airline crews around the world

Flight attendants

Relatable Comics For Flight Attendants

These relatable and uplifting comics through the eyes of the flight crew will definitely put a smile on your face.

Do Flight Attendants Age Faster?

Could it be possible that people who are flying can age at a different rate than the people on the ground? Michelle investigates!

How I Met My British Husband

Carly is a seasoned Non-Rev warrior and has a magical experience through non-rev! Come read her story and see how she found love!

7 Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

Our industry is huge and filled with very passionate individuals! Follow these Instagram accounts and see what non-rev is all about!

A flight crew working their in flight service during a flight.

Flight Crew Lifestyle Revealed

There are many questions about being an Airline's flight crew. In this piece, Dianne is here to help shed some light on being part of a flight crew!

Purple sky

Our crew life

Our crew life... It's all about love, discipline, dedication and coffee.

Good night light above a bed

How to Tackle Night Shifts?

Night shifts can be tough for airline crews. Guillermo shares his best tips to become a proper night owl and beat those night shift blues.

For all of You who have to Spend Christmas en Route

For all of you who have to work during Christmas: get inspired by this short movie directed by Wes Anderson.