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What is a Buddy Pass?

A buddy pass is like a golden ticket offered by airlines to their employees. It lets the airline employee hook up their friends and family with discounted standby travel tickets. Basically, it allows you to fly for way less or sometimes even free, depending on how generous the airline is. It’s a sweet deal that offers flexibility and saves serious cash for those who have friends at airlines.

Love in the air

A Love Story from the Sky

Love knows no bounds, not even the confines of airport terminals and airplane cabins. In celebration of Valentine's Day, we've explored the enchanting realm of love stories that blossomed amidst the hustle of airports and the adventure of non-rev travel, showcasing our favorite story here.


Jerusalema Dance Challenge

A complete overview of #JerusalemaChallenge videos by aviation staff around the world, made during the global COVID-19 pandemic.


A complete overview of creative #dontrushchallenge videos by airline crews around the world

Flight attendants

Relatable Comics For Flight Attendants

These relatable and uplifting comics through the eyes of the flight crew will definitely put a smile on your face.

Do Flight Attendants Age Faster?

Could it be possible that people who are flying can age at a different rate than the people on the ground? Michelle investigates!

How I Met My British Husband

Carly is a seasoned Non-Rev warrior and has a magical experience through non-rev! Come read her story and see how she found love!

7 Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

Our industry is huge and filled with very passionate individuals! Follow these Instagram accounts and see what non-rev is all about!

A flight crew working their in flight service during a flight.

Flight Crew Lifestyle Revealed

There are many questions about being an Airline's flight crew. In this piece, Dianne is here to help shed some light on being part of a flight crew!

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Our crew life

Our crew life... It's all about love, discipline, dedication and coffee.