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Non-Rev Lounge Podcast

Monique, Lara, and Tyler work as Gate Agent, Flight Attendant, and Ramper they discuss our non-rev travels as well as having guests on to share their trips and tips.

We’re really proud to feature them on our blog and will be linking every episode from now on this site. Here are the last 2 episodes for your enjoyment, especially check out #22 where Sam gives us a glowing review!

The three of us catch up on our aviation lives and we meet Sam! Sam is our friend Brittany’s flight instructor!
Sam is big, brash and bold! He also works for an airline on the ramp, staying close to his love of airplanes and aviation.

  • In part one, we hear how he got into aviation and into flying. Sam ferries planes all over the world, building his hours in a unique way other than just flight instructing.
  • Sam explains how he “recruits” seat mates on Southwest Airlines
  • Best part of flight instructing is….(hint, it has to do with food)
  • Paris and because it’s the Non Rev Lounge, the lie flat seat 💺

We hear all about Sam’s trip to Kyrgyzstan! (and where the heck is that?

  • How he got there!
  • But first…how much for a Business Class ticket to Dubai?
  • A fish story!
  • Pulled over by local poh-poh.
  • Sam’s lavatory story 😱😱😱
  • Where’s the AirBNB??
  • Sam made friends for life ❤️
  • What is a Yurt??
  • Master Horseman

Find them on Instagram @NonRevLoungePodcast and Twitter @NonRevLoungePod.