Jerusalema Dance Challenge

A complete overview of #JerusalemaChallenge videos by aviation staff around the world, made during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

One of Our six favorite movies about aviation

Our six favorite movies about aviation

Aviation is a popular subject among filmmakers. These are the 6 favorite aviation movies of StaffTravelers.

Non-rev travel during COVID-19

For those of you who rely on non-rev travel for work, or are finally able to get some rest using your non-rev benefits, we collected as useful information on non-rev travel during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Amazing pictures captured by a pilot

Amazing pictures captured by an airline pilot

Amazing pictures captured by Dutch airline pilot Thijs Spuijbroek


A complete overview of creative #dontrushchallenge videos by airline crews around the world

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport empty during COVID-19 Crisis

How quiet is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport during these COVID-19 days?

It’s April 2020. About a month ago, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was getting ready for the busy months ahead. Things went a little differently.


The 9 Best Podcasts About Aviation

Do you like listening to podcasts? It turns out that there are a lot of aviation podcasts out there. Let’s discover the world of aviation podcasts together. Here is a list of our favorites.

Singapore Changi Airport

Airports where you wish you could stay longer

Believe it or not, there are airports around the world where you might actually wish you could stay longer.

What flying was like in the 1950s

Flying in the '50s was a magical and marvelous experience. These pictures show you how amazing it was.

7 Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

Our industry is huge and filled with very passionate individuals! Follow these Instagram accounts and see what non-rev is all about!

Why you should fly on the A220

The Airbus A220 is one of the newest and most advanced aircraft designed! Javon takes his first flight on the A220 and recounts key upgrades!

International Day of the Air Traffic Controller

International Day of the Air Traffic Controller

On The International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, we celebrate the men and women who help make air travel the safest mode of transport 24/7.

An awesome shot of a Spirt Airlines A320 landing at DFW airport.

The Safety of Airlines

The safety of airlines is something travelers worry about. Carly shares her knowledge of the safety practices of airlines.

Most popular male flight attendants of Instagram

9 Most popular male Flight Attendants of Instagram

After our list of the 7 most popular female pilots, here is your definitive guide of the 10 hottest Flight Attendants on Instagram!

LAX In n Out Burger

Visit Hollywood without even leaving LAX

Often, we rush through airports without looking around. Next time when you're at LAX, look around and you'll find a treasure of Hollywood history.

These are the best airline cabins of 2016

These are the best-designed and most luxurious airline cabins of 2016.