Welcome to the world of non-rev travel, one of the most exciting perks that come with being part of the airline industry. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just embarking on your journey, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the insights you need to make the most of your non-rev travel experiences.

Unpacking Non-Rev Travel

Non-rev, short for non-revenue, travel is a fantastic privilege extended to airline employees. It enables you to occupy unsold seats on flights to your dream destinations during your downtime, either for free or at significantly reduced rates. Not only do you get to enjoy this perk, but it often extends to your family members and even a few friends, depending on your airline’s policy. However, keep in mind that non-rev travel isn’t guaranteed. You may need to wait on the standby list and hope for spare seats on the flight.

Who Can Benefit from Non-Rev Travel?

In most cases, non-rev benefits are available to airline employees and their immediate dependents, including partners, parents, and children. Some airlines also offer a limited number of “buddy passes” to their employees, which can be given to friends. The priority for non-rev travel often depends on the “pass levels” set by the airline, with the employee and their immediate family usually given top priority on the standby list. Parents and those flying on buddy passes typically follow in that order.

Can Non-Rev Travel Be Used on All Airlines?

Although non-rev travel is not possible on all airlines, many airlines have partnerships that allow their employees to use their non-rev benefits with partner airlines through the ID90 program. However, the rules for who can non-rev with partner airlines can vary, and usually, those flying on ID90 benefits will be placed at the end of the standby priority list.

How to Navigate Non-Rev Travel?

The process of non-rev travel typically begins with using the airline’s online portal to select the desired flights. The portal provides information about the current load of each flight, helping you choose flights with lower loads to increase your chances of securing a seat. You then sign in 24 hours before your flight, giving you a standby list ranking. Arriving at the airport, you check in at the gate and wait for your name to be called. If there are no open seats, you have the option to roll over to the next flight.

Understanding Non-Rev Loads

The non-rev portal or the ID90 website provides information on flight loads, showing how many passengers are booked on each flight and how many seats are open. This is crucial for non-rev travelers to gauge their chances of getting a seat on the flight, but unfortunately, this information is not always reliable. And that’s where StaffTraveler is helpful.

How to use StaffTraveler to get Non-Rev loads?

With StaffTraveler, you can check the flight loads for the flights you wish to staff travel on. It enables you to get the accurate, reliable non-rev loads you need from your colleagues at the airline you need them from. With over 600,000 members from all airlines in the world answering more than 20,000 load requests each day, your request will be answered in no time.

How it works? Let’s say you want to staff travel from New York to Amsterdam. You post requests for the flights from JFK to AMS on the airlines you can staff travel on, on the dates you want to know the seat availability for. People at the airlines of your selected flights get a notification and answer your requests with the actual loads. You receive a notification with the updated loads, and you can decide if it’s smart to go to the airport to get that Non-Rev ticket or not.

Costs Associated with Non-Rev Travel

The cost of non-rev travel varies depending on the airline and the specific policies in place. Typically, non-revvers are not required to pay the full fare that regular passengers would pay for a ticket. However, associated fees or charges are usually involved, such as taxes, service fees, or airport fees. These costs can vary and may be different for each airline.

Advantages of Non-Rev Travel

The benefits of non-rev travel are crystal clear: it’s affordable and offers unmatched flexibility. This perk allows you to explore the world at a fraction of the usual cost.

Disadvantages of Non-Rev Travel

While non-rev travel offers a world of benefits, it also has its challenges. These might include the need to find alternate routes to your destination, the possibility of not securing a seat and having to delay or cancel your trip, or the potential of spending a considerable time waiting at the airport. Therefore, patience and flexibility are key to a successful non-rev travel experience. But to be more informed if you will get that standby ticket or not, you can use StaffTraveler to get Non-Rev loads.

Start planning

Non-rev travel is a unique perk that comes with being an airline employee. While navigating the system may seem complicated at first, with a good understanding of how it works, you’ll soon find yourself jetting off to those destinations you’ve always dreamed of visiting. So, why wait? Start planning your next adventure and take full advantage of the wonders that non-rev travel brings to your life as an airline employee.

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