Non-rev travel

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Rev Travel for Airline Employees

Welcome to the world of non-rev travel, one of the most exciting perks that come with being part of the airline industry. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the insights you need to make the most of your non-rev travel experiences.

Airline notes

Join Forces to Create the Ultimate Non-Rev Airline Notes: Share Your Insights!

Welcome to the thrilling world of non-rev travel! In the Airline Notes section of StaffTraveler, you'll find all the details for your non-rev travels specific to each airline. We're on a quest to gather the finest insider knowledge, and we need your assistance. If you possess valuable information about your airline that hasn't made it into our Airline Notes yet, we eagerly await your contributions.

non-rev travel this summer

The new normal? Non-rev travel in 2022

It's a hot summer for those traveling on standby. Planes are filled to their maximum capacity, and many flights get canceled or delayed. Is this the new normal, and is it still worth flying non-rev in 2022?

StaffTraveler for web

Introducing StaffTraveler for Web

StaffTraveler for web is here! Get non-rev loads and answer other members' load requests from the comfort of your computer. Making non-rev travel even easier than ever before!

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How to Get Non-Rev Loads for Free

StaffTraveler enables you to check non-rev loads on other airlines. But why do you need credits to make a request? In this blog post, we explain to you why you need credits to use our app and we give tips on how to earn credits for free.

Non-Rev Travel During COVID-19

For those of you who rely on non-rev travel for work, or are finally able to get some rest using your non-rev benefits, we collected as useful information on non-rev travel during the COVID-19 outbreak.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Travel Budget

There's an art to being able to travel every weekend and it all boils down to your budget. Check out some of Jesse's great budget tips!

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Non-Rev Tips

To help you prepare your next non-rev trip, we have collected decades of staff travel experience from the StaffTraveler community. Here's a collection of the most insightful articles on non-rev travel.

Non-Rev Etiquette

There's an unspoken set of rules when it comes to staff traveling and Kaylie Rodrigues, 11-year non-rev expert, shares what she's learned!

An Air France A340-300 landing at St. Maartin Airport

How to Staff Travel?

The number 1 benefit of working for an airline is non-rev travel, or as we call it: staff travel. There are a few things that you should know though...

Table with travel items

Top-10 Reasons for that Single Non-Rev Trip

You could think of many excuses not to travel, but here are the 10 best reasons to go on that quick non-rev getaway!

Man looking at flight boards

5 Reasons why you Should be a StaffTraveler

Being a StaffTraveler has many advantages. Having access to accurate and up-to-date flight loads is one of them, but there's more!

ID90 Airplanes through wet window

Non-Rev, ID90, ZED, Interline, Standby: What’s the Difference?

Basically, non-rev, ID90, ZED and Interline travel all mean the same: staff travel. There are some differences though...

Non-rev passenger waiting at an airport

What is Non-Rev Travel?

As non-rev experts, we like to share everything you need to know about non-rev travel.

Staff Travel with Children

Traveling with children can be hard work. Add standby travel to that equation, and you can have a recipe for disaster. Here are some top tips for traveling non-rev with young children.