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Improving StaffTraveler over time

The launch of the new StaffTraveler app was the first step in creating the most awesome platform for airline employees worldwide. Here's what's coming up.

New app screenshots

The new StaffTraveler app is coming soon!

The next staff travel revolution is here! Get ready for the new StaffTraveler app.

Staff travel with Children

Travelling with children can be stressful and hard work. Add standby travel to that equation, and you can have a recipe for disaster. Here are some top tips for surviving non-rev travel with young children.

10 rules for non-rev travel

10 Simple rules for non-rev travel

As somewhat of a non-rev guru, I often get asked by colleagues and friends if I don’t find non-rev travel stressful? My answer is always no. Just follow my ten simple rules to non-rev travel.

First Anniversary

One year of StaffTraveler: What’s next?

From just a handful to 80,000 users within a year. How we started StaffTraveler to make non-rev easier and stress-free and what's coming up next.

Taxi sign

Taxi apps, all the way

Do yourself a favour. Next time you travel and don’t want to be in a shouting match with a local taxi-driver, download one of these taxi apps.

24 hours in New York City

The city does not sleep, and neither did StaffTraveler blogger Marta. She had 24 hours in New York City and takes you on a tour through our favourite places.

Flying in style: staff travel dress code

Are leggings appropriate for pass riders? Josh tells you what to wear and what not to wear when non-rev'ing.

How to get cleared on Standby

Working for an airline provides a great opportunity to travel the world for a significantly reduced cost, but the process of flying standby can be daunting. With proper planning, flexibility, and a pinch of luck, you can be sleeping under the stars in your dream destination instead of under the bright lights of the airport terminal.

24 hours in Dublin

Known for its friendly people, literary scene, hundreds upon hundreds of pubs, Dublin is a veritable treasure trove of hidden gems.

24 hours in Dubai

OK, 24 hours is way too short to experience Dubai. StaffTraveler bloggers Emma & Aad help you to make the most out of every minute in this bustling city.

These are the best airline cabins of 2016

These are the best-designed and most luxurious airline cabins of 2016.

24 hours in Johannesburg

When you think Africa, the word safari comes to mind. Emma takes guides you to the best safari parks near Johannesburg.

Travel like Bond with these travel tips from a former CIA spy

A former CIA spy wrote a travel guide with travelers' advice. Travel like Bond with these tips.

Stunning photo’s from the flight deck

Award-winning photographer Christiaan van Heijst travels the world in a Cargolux B747 and makes beautiful photos while doing so.

24 hours in Lisbon

Lisbon: The city of the seven hills. Marta guides you through its countless alleys, views and restaurants.

What is StaffTraveler?

StaffTraveler enables airline employees to get the loads for the flights they wish to staff travel on, removing the stress from staff traveling and making it enjoyable as it should be!

10 hottest flight attendants of Instagram

After our list of the 7 most popular female pilots, here is your definitive guide of the 10 hottest flight attendants on Instagram!

7 most popular female pilots to follow on Instagram

We are in favor of more women on the flight deck and we are sure that you’ll agree when you follow these 7 rockstar female pilots on Instagram.

The 5 coolest Instagram adventurers to follow

Need some travel inspiration? Check out these 5 adventurers who share their best travel and adventure photos with you on their Instagram accounts.

Sydney’s highlights in one day

When time is limited, you want to get the most out of it. StaffTraveler blogger Emma Ashley takes you on a walk along Sydney's most beautiful beaches.

A walk down Sydney’s beaches

When time is limited, you want to get the most out of it. StaffTraveler blogger Emma Ashley takes you on a walk along Sydney's most beautiful beaches.

24 hours in Auckland

StaffTraveler blogger Emma grew up in Auckland, so she knows where to go. Enjoy this trip to one of the most beautiful islands of the world: Waiheke Island.

Travel tips from airline crews

The holidays are upon us, which means that holiday travelers are about to be out and about. Enhance your journeys with these tips from airline crews.

24 hours in Sydney

Whether you are in Sydney for work or on your own time, there are so many things to choose from! Emma takes you on a beautiful walk along the beach.

For all of you who have to spend Christmas en route

For all of you who have to work during Christmas: get inspired by this short movie directed by Wes Anderson.

24 hours in Rotterdam

Beautiful architecture and lots of beautiful, new venues to wine, dine and go out make Rotterdam one of Europe’s most exhilarating cities of the moment.

How an airline website should look

Many airlines tried, but not a single one has nailed it... To make the perfect airline website. An award-winning design & UX lab Fantasy took a pretty descent shot.

Become a StaffTraveler blogger

We are looking for fellow travelers who would like to share tips and places in their local neighborhood or from travel experiences.

Don’t date a girl who travels

Don’t date a girl who travels is a video based on the story by Adi Zarsadias, using clips from 32 commercials, music videos, and movies.

Listen to the clouds

Who doesn't like continuous chatter and soothing music in the background while working or trying to sleep?

Shanghai forever

Shanghai like you've never seen it. Enjoy this gorgeous HD hyper lapse of the most populous city in the world.

Why you should date a pilot

15 Compelling reasons why you should be dating a pilot

15 Reasons why you should date a flight attendant

The benefit of flying the world cheaply and 14 other compelling reasons why you should be dating a flight attendant

Do you have what it takes to be a Flight Attendant’s boyfriend?

You think you have what it takes to be a flight attendant’s boyfriend? Here are few things you have to put through.