Do you need help keeping track of the flights you are listed on? We’ve got you! We are introducing pinned flights. This will help you organize your requests by highlighting the flights you care about most.

How do you pin flights in the StaffTraveler app?

Do you want to highlight specific flights? Tap the three dots of the flight card menu at your request, click ‘pin flight’ and you’ve got yourself a pinned flight. You can also click on the menu at the right side of the request and select ‘Pin flight’, et voila! To unpin, simply click ‘Unpin flight’. Easy as that!

Pin flights in StaffTraveler

Here’s some additional information about how we work: When we develop a new feature, we initially release it on StaffTraveler for web. If everything goes smoothly, we’ll include it in our mobile app. This approach allows us to address bugs or issues before introducing them to the mobile app.

At StaffTraveler, we are dedicated to offering you an exceptional non-revenue travel experience. Our developers continuously work to introduce new features that will elevate your travels. Let us know what you’d like us to add next!

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