We are thrilled to announce a new StaffTraveler feature. From now on you can swipe requests!

How do I swipe requests in the StaffTraveler App?

Don’t you love the satisfaction of swiping something away to delete it? So do we! Swipe a request left or right to pin or delete it. It’s just like Tinder! ­čśë

Swipe flights in StaffTraveler
Swipe flights in StaffTraveler

Here’s some additional information about how we work: When we develop a new feature, we initially release it on StaffTraveler for web. If everything goes smoothly, we’ll include it in our mobile app. This approach allows us to address bugs or issues before introducing them to the mobile app.

At StaffTraveler, we are dedicated to offering you an exceptional non-revenue travel experience. Our developers continuously work to introduce new features that will elevate your travels. We would love to hear your feedback. And, of course, we will continue working on more exciting new features! Let us know what you’d like us to add next!

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