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Introducing Auto Updates: Effortlessly Track Flight Loads

We are thrilled to announce our latest feature in StaffTraveler, Auto Updates. With this feature, tracking your flight loads has never been easier. Set the interval for automatic load updates, and we will request updates for you during that time.

StaffTraveler for web

5 Exciting New Features in StaffTraveler for Web

We have enhanced StaffTraveler for web with 5 fantastic new features. This will make it even easier for you to find the perfect flight and manage your requests.

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5 reasons to use StaffTraveler

Listen to why one of our users thinks StaffTraveler is the best app for nonrev life.

StaffTraveler for web

Introducing StaffTraveler for Web

StaffTraveler for web is here! Get non-rev loads and answer other members' load requests from the comfort of your computer. Making non-rev travel even easier than ever before!

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How to get non-rev loads for free

StaffTraveler enables you to check non-rev loads on other airlines. But why do you need credits to make a request? In this blog post, we explain to you why you need credits to use our app and we give tips on how to earn credits for free.

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Now available: I love non-rev apparel

You've traveled the world on standby tickets. No overbooked flight can scare you. You're a pro StaffTraveler and you know it! Show it to your fellow travelers with these high quality 'I love non-rev' shirts and hoodies. Now available in the StaffTraveler non-rev shop!

First Anniversary

What StaffTravelers love about StaffTraveler

The StaffTraveler app gets an average of 4.9 stars from our members. Here are some of our favorite reviews.

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5 Reasons why you should be a StaffTraveler

Being a StaffTraveler has many advantages. Having access to accurate and up-to-date flight loads is one of them, but there's more!

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Become a StaffTraveler Blogger

If you love to travel, have excellent writing skills, and you want to tell the world about your adventures, then we're looking for you!

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Non-rev, ID90, ZED, Interline, What’s the Difference?

Basically, non-rev, ID90, ZED and Interline travel all mean the same: staff travel. There are some differences though...

Celebrating 100k members

A New Year, a New Milestone!

We are celebrating our 100,000th member and we need your help to reach the next milestone.

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What is Non-Rev?

As non-rev experts, we like to share everything you need to know about non-rev travel.

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The New StaffTraveler App is Coming Soon!

The next staff travel revolution is here! Get ready for the new StaffTraveler app.

10 rules for non-rev travel

10 Simple Rules for Non-Rev Travel

As somewhat of a non-rev guru, I often get asked by colleagues and friends if I don’t find non-rev travel stressful? My answer is always no. Just follow my ten simple rules to non-rev travel.

First Anniversary

One Year of StaffTraveler: What’s Next?

From just a handful to 80,000 users within a year. How we started StaffTraveler to make non-rev easier and stress-free and what's coming up next.

What is StaffTraveler?

StaffTraveler enables airline employees to get the loads for the flights they wish to staff travel on, removing the stress from staff traveling and making it enjoyable as it should be!