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Earn More Free Credits with Referral Rewards

We've got some fantastic news to share with you! We've just supercharged our referral program, allowing you to earn more credits by spreading the word about StaffTraveler to your airline friends and colleagues.

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Protecting Your Privacy on StaffTraveler

At StaffTraveler, we believe your privacy should always be in your hands. The privacy options in our app will give you more control over this. In this blog, you will find everything you need to know about our privacy settings and how we handle your personal data.

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What is a Buddy Pass?

A buddy pass is like a golden ticket offered by airlines to their employees. It lets the airline employee hook up their friends and family with discounted standby travel tickets. Basically, it allows you to fly for way less or sometimes even free, depending on how generous the airline is. It’s a sweet deal that offers flexibility and saves serious cash for those who have friends at airlines.

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StaffTraveler’s Fair Refund Policy: Get Your Credits Back When Plans Change

At StaffTraveler, we get that life can throw curveballs. You can make a mistake, or circumstances can change. So maybe you might need an update on the loads or a credit refund. We strive to be fair and ensure you never use more credits than necessary. To smoothen your non-rev journey, we'll either reopen your request for free or refund your credits in certain cases. Here’s the lowdown on when and how we do it.

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Introducing the Global StaffTraveler eSIM

Welcome to the future of global connectivity, brought to you by StaffTraveler in partnership with Voye. We're excited to present a world where staying connected across the globe is incredibly easy and affordable. StaffTraveler eSIM is your gateway to seamless global roaming services, designed exclusively for those who love to explore the world without borders.

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Spanish and French Information Now Available on the StaffTraveler Blog

Big news! Spanish information is now available on the StaffTraveler blog! 🇪🇸 🎉 Making non-rev travel easier for everyone! Just tap the globe icon on the blog to switch languages. We're all about serving you better!

Meet Casey: Your Trusted AI Travel Chatbot

AI Chatbot Casey is bringing a lot of knowledge about aviation and a treasure trove of fun facts. It has the passion of a seasoned aviator blended with the approachability of a trusted friend. Whether you're seeking tips, need guidance on non-rev travel, or simply want some interesting aviation trivia, Casey has you covered.

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Swipe Away with Ease: Delete and Pin Requests in a Flash!

Don't you love the satisfaction of swiping something away to delete it? So do we! Swipe a request left or right to reject or highlight it. It's just like Tinder! 😉

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Stay Organized with Pinned Flights

Do you need help keeping track of the flights you are listed on? We've got you! We are introducing pinned flights. This will help you organize your requests by highlighting the flights you care about most.

How to Respond to Flight Load Requests on StaffTraveler

How to Respond to Flight Load Requests on StaffTraveler

Learn how to respond to load requests on StaffTraveler and earn credits for your own load requests!

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Book Hotel Rooms at Discounted Rates with StaffTraveler

At StaffTraveler, you have the exclusive opportunity to book hotel rooms at discounted rates reserved for airline crew members. Here's a simple guide on how to do it.

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Share Your Requested Load on Social Media

Do you have an urgent request and need quick answers? Now, you can effortlessly share your request on social media to notify your followers that you're seeking assistance with your request.

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Automatically Filter Search Results by Airlines You Can Non-Rev With

Gone are the days when you must manually filter your search results for relevant airlines! We’ll gladly take up that burden with this exciting feature that automatically filters out the airlines you cannot non-rev with!

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Convenience at Its Best: Favorite Your Most Used Airports!

Love is in the air! Tap that heart icon to keep your favorite airports at your fingertips.

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August 2023 App Update

We have updated the StaffTraveler app with a fresh new flight search design and not less than 9 exciting features! Read on to find out how StaffTraveler is going to make your future non-rev journeys even easier!

StaffTraveler Automatic filtering

New Options for Flight Search on StaffTraveler

We have introduced new features to simplify your flight search process.