We are thrilled to share that we have some amazing new features that will make your flight search process a breeze! With our date picker, you can now easily select your desired date. Plus, our recent routes feature will help you find your usual trips between home and work in no time. Our new filters make it a snap to include cargo flights, multiple airlines, nearby departures, and nearby arrivals. And that’s not all! We have more exciting features, which you can read about in this article.

Quick date picker

We are thrilled to announce that our date selection process has undergone a major upgrade, making it easier and more convenient than ever before! You can choose from a range of shortcuts like ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Next 30 days’ or ‘Next month’. Once you’ve made your selection, simply tap ‘Done’, hit ‘Search flight’, and browse through the flights. 

Flight search filters

Get your ideal flights faster. Filter your search results by ‘Airlines’, ‘Departure time’, ‘Arrival time’, or ‘Duration’ to find the perfect fit for your travel needs.

Automatically filter airlines you can non-rev with

An intelligent update that auto-filters flight search results to show only the airlines you can non-rev with, saving you time and hassle. To use it: search for flights, first, click on ‘All airlines’ and then select ‘Select airlines I can non-rev with’.

We are collecting data on interline non-rev agreements to filter your search results by the airlines that you can fly with. While gathering data, the results may be incomplete. If agreements are missing, please let us know at [email protected] so we can complete the list

If you tap ‘Manage excluded airlines’, you can add airlines that you want to exclude from your flight search results. This is useful to hide airlines that you cannot non-rev with or do not want to non-rev with.

Filter by airlines you can non-rev with

Search connecting flights with 2 stops

More options for your journey. You can now search for flights with up to 2 stops, providing more flexibility for your travel plans.

To find flights, simply tap the ‘Stops’ option and pick from the following choices: ‘Non-stop only’, ‘One stop or fewer’, or ‘Two stops or fewer’.

Two stops

Re-use recently used routes or flight numbers

We have some exciting news that will simplify your work trips. Introducing our new update: ‘Recent routes’! This feature caters specifically to commuters. It enables you to easily search for flights and discover the best options for your regular journey between home and work. All you need to do is choose the route from the ‘Recent routes’ menu, select your preferred travel date, click “Search flight’, and that’s it! You’ll instantly see a list of flights to choose from. By clicking on the icon with the two arrows, you can view your return flight as well. You also have the option to search by flight number.

Recent routes

Multi-leg search

Maximize your efficiency by searching for multiple routes in one go, a handy tool for planning complex trips or exploring multiple travel options at once. Just tap ‘Add flight’ to add more routes.

New options for flight search

We have included four new search options. From left to right, they are:

Include cargo flights

You can use this option to include cargo flights in the search results. 

StaffTraveler option

Include multiple airlines

When searching for connecting flights, this option displays results that involve flights with multiple airlines. 

StaffTraveler new option

Include nearby departures

By selecting this option, flights departing from other airports within the same city will be included.

Include nearby arrivals

By selecting this option, flights departing from other airports within the same city will be included.

Flight search options

At StaffTraveler, we are dedicated to offering you an exceptional non-revenue travel experience. In addition to these fantastic new features, we’ve also implemented numerous bug fixes to enhance the overall app performance and improve your user experience. Our developers continuously work to introduce new features that will elevate your travels. Let us know what you’d like us to add next!

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