Gone are the days when you must manually filter your search results for relevant airlines! We’ll gladly take up that burden with this exciting feature that automatically filters out the airlines you cannot non-rev with!

How does Automatic Filtering for StaffTraveler work?

Above the search results, click the ‘Airlines’ button and then ‘Select airlines I can non-rev with’. Now, magically, the airlines you can buy standby tickets for will be selected, and your search results filtered.

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We are collecting data on interline non-rev agreements. If you have a list of airlines you can non-rev with, please send it to [email protected] so we can complete the list.

At StaffTraveler, we are dedicated to offering you an exceptional non-revenue travel experience. Our developers continuously work to introduce new features that will elevate your travels. Let us know what you’d like us to add next!

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