Do you work for a selected airline, and do you want to double the credits on StaffTraveler? It’s time to get your adrenaline pumping and start searching for those Jackpot Requests. Don’t miss out on this easy opportunity to boost your credits. Let’s find those requests and watch the credits roll in!

What are Jackpot Requests for StaffTraveler?

If you are an employee of a participating airline, you have the opportunity to earn twice the credits by responding to open requests. When the happy suitcase appears on your screen, you know you’ve struck gold with a Jackpot Request, earning two credits instead of one. Take your StaffTraveler game to the next level and see how many Jackpot Requests you can find. 

How can I tell if my airline is participating?

You will be notified via email and an in-app message in the StaffTraveler app if your airline is among the selected participants.

How do I receive Jackpot Requests?

Simply respond to any open requests for your airline! Our happy suitcase will show you when you’ve hit the jackpot!

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6 Secrets to Finding Jackpot Requests

Answer quickly
Get ready to strike gold! The faster you answer, the more likely you are to hit one!

Answer often
The more you answer, the more likely you are to hit a Jackpot Request!

Answer while others sleep
A true night owl’s advantage! Just landed from a late-night flight? Before dozing off, grab your phone, open StaffTraveler, and lend a helping hand. Answer requests while others sleep, and you’ll soar ahead in the hunt for Jackpot Requests.

Enable push notifications
Don’t miss out on Jackpot Requests! Enable push notifications in the StaffTraveler app to be notified when a new HV request is posted. We limit the number of push notifications you receive, assuring you won’t be overwhelmed.

Be accurate
Precision is key! Ensure your submitted loads are spot-on. If you accidentally submit an incorrect load, the extra credits earned will be deducted from your balance. Be accurate and stay in the lead in the search for Jackpot Requests!

Use StaffTraveler for web
StaffTraveler for web is a great way to answer requests. Just open StaffTraveler for web in your browser and answer requests from the comfort of your computer!

Answer open requests now

Log in with your existing StaffTraveler credentials

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