As airline employees, we are fortunate to have access to various online platforms that cater to our travel needs. This article will explore three popular platforms for airline employee travel: StaffTraveler, ID90, and myIDTravel. Each platform offers unique features and benefits designed to enhance our staff travel experiences.

StaffTraveler: Near Real-Time Load Information at Your Fingertips

StaffTraveler is our platform that revolutionizes how you communicate and share information about non-rev travel. The app can be used on your desktop or mobile phone and offers near real-time load information. This allows you to assess seat availability on specific flights. You can make informed decisions about your travel plans by requesting and receiving load information from our colleagues from other airlines around the world. StaffTraveler boasts the world’s largest airline community, with members from all airlines. You can also use StaffTraveler to look for tips from other airline employees or to book travel services like hotels and car rentals. 

StaffTraveler: The Best The Best Online Airline Employee Travel Platform
StaffTraveler for web

ID90: Your Gateway to Discounted Global Travel

ID90 refers to a type of discounted travel fare available to airline employees. It stands for “Industry Discount 90%.” This discount applies to both domestic and international flights operated by participating airlines. But in the context of this blog, we refer to a platform with the name ID90. 

Through the ID90 Travel platform, airline employees can search for and book discounted flights for themselves and their eligible travel companions. The platform connects with multiple airlines and provides access to industry discounts, including ID90 fares. With ID90, we gain access to a range of travel services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises. It serves as a one-stop shop, connecting us with discounted travel opportunities across multiple airlines.

It’s important to note that ID90 Travel is not affiliated with any specific airline but serves as an intermediary between airlines and airline employees. The platform verifies the employment status of users to ensure eligibility for discounted travel options.

MyIDTravel: Non-Rev Bookings platform

Created by Lufthansa Systems, MyIDTravel is an online portal tailored specifically for airline employees to book non-revenue (non-rev) staff travel tickets. It is designed for internal use within our airline or its alliance partners. The platform enables you to manage your non-rev bookings, view flight schedules, and check seat availability on your own airline and participating airlines. 

MyIDTravel either caps the number of available seats or uses smiley faces to indicate the availability of seats on a particular flight. A happy smiley represents a higher availability of seats, while a sad smiley indicates limited availability or no open seats. However, it’s important to note that smiley faces on MyIDTravel have been known to be unreliable. They may not always accurately reflect the actual availability of seats on a flight. It is therefore recommended that airline employees verify seat availability with the airline directly or use StafTraveler to get accurate and up-to-date flight loads while making travel plans.

StaffTraveler, ID90, and myIDTravel are valuable online platforms catering to airline employee travel. ID90 offers a comprehensive interline travel experience, connecting us with discounted options across multiple airlines globally. On the other hand, myIDTravel provides a convenient internal portal for non-rev bookings within our airline and alliance partners. Lastly, StaffTraveler enhances our non-rev travel experience with load information and city tips shared by fellow airline employees.

The Best The Best Online Airline Employee Travel Platform

As airline employees, we find online platforms incredibly helpful in maximizing our non-rev privileges. StaffTraveler, in particular, is an invaluable tool that perfectly caters to our unique travel needs, whether we’re discovering new destinations or planning a visit back home. If you haven’t tried StaffTraveler yet, download it now for free.

StaffTraveler for web