Throughout the last month, we’ve been showing our gratitude towards our users and sharing stories of when the app helped them with their non-rev trips.

The StaffTraveler app gets an average of 4.9 stars from our members. Here are some of our favorite reviews.

4.9 star rating in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store

1. futura4

A non-rev passenger’s dream

I never leave app reviews but this app is so amazing I felt compelled to. We were recently scrambling to get out of Honolulu after our plane broke and caused a snowball effect of all the other flights filling up. This app helped us easily and effortlessly ID90 back to the mainland. Since then we’ve become addicted to helping others by submitting loads and gaining credits. This app is extremely helpful and well designed. I do have two minor criticisms though and they both entail working with the newest iOS on an iPhone XS Max. The bottom icons (tips, loads etc) are illegible and hidden with the “swipe up bar.” The same goes for the scroll wheel when adding loads – it’s too easy to scroll and accidentally swipe up switching apps or worse, closing the app. And lastly, at the very top left near the back arrow under the time, if you are using any other app (phone for example) it’s nearly impossibly to hit the back arrow and not the inactive app. This becomes frustrating when you are multi-tasking and trying do things quickly. These are just simple fixes of the UI and would make the app work even more seamlessly. Overall I am very impressed with the robustness is this app and am so thankful something like it exists.

2. Tibi Tomulet

The most useful app I have on my phone. Easy to use and very rewarding.

3. 4eyed5head

I think this is the absolute best app for flight crew ever!!! It requires us to help each other, what a concept! This is the way we should operate! Just one suggestion, that there be a way to apply a multi-leg segment option when it’s time to find the flt info for crew. When someone Send a request and it’s time for u to load in the numbers, we can only submit the load for one flt but what if the requestee has a connecting flt there’s no space for us to enter info for their 2nd segment. We don’t always get to take nonstops. Also can u explain why when I’m answering a request, many times I will hit the request and it opens up as if I got it, but it will disappear seconds later saying someone else got it first. Then why would it open on my screen as if I got it? Otherwise I LOVE STAFFTRAVELER!!!!

4. Roy320


This App is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for anyone who pass ride travels! You always pack the essentials when you travel…underwear, socks, toothbrush…and now you have to have this App. It takes all the guesswork and stress out of trying to figure out the loads on the flights you’re looking at. Absolutely indispensable!!

5. J31Joc

The best for knowing loads while offline!

Staff Traveler is by far the best app for finding out loads while traveling on a different airline than your own. I have used this in the US, Europe, and Asia with great success. Most responses of load requests happen within minutes. Getting an e-mail follow up with the loads is very helpful.

I wouldn’t travel non-rev without it. 

So many people see the amazing benefit of StaffTraveler get the non-rev loads they need. Be like them and check the loads for your next non-rev flight!

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