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Introducing StaffTraveler for web

StaffTraveler for web is here! Get non-rev loads and answer other members' load requests from the comfort of your computer. Making non-rev travel even easier than ever before!

Amazing pictures captured by a pilot

Amazing pictures captured by an airline pilot

Amazing pictures captured by Dutch airline pilot Thijs Spuijbroek

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport empty during COVID-19 Crisis

How quiet is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport during these COVID-19 days?

It’s April 2020. About a month ago, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was getting ready for the busy months ahead. Things went a little differently.

I love non-rev T-shirt oxblood navy blue

Now available: I love non-rev apparel

You've traveled the world on standby tickets. No overbooked flight can scare you. You're a pro StaffTraveler and you know it! Show it to your fellow travelers with these high quality 'I love non-rev' shirts and hoodies. Now available in the StaffTraveler non-rev shop!

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What StaffTravelers love about StaffTraveler

The StaffTraveler app gets an average of 4.9 stars from our members. Here are some of our favorite reviews.

Airport escalator

Non-rev tips

To help you prepare your next non-rev trip, we have collected decades of staff travel experience from the StaffTraveler community. Here's a collection of the most insightful articles on non-rev travel.

Street in Hanoi, Vietnam

What to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, is home to thousands of years of history. From the country’s time as a Chinese vassal state to being controlled by the French and later the Americans – Vietnam exists in the 21st century as a rich and fascinating country with a rich history and culture that is just waiting to be explored.

International Day of the Air Traffic Controller

International Day of the Air Traffic Controller

On The International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, we celebrate the men and women who help make air travel the safest mode of transport 24/7.

Travel inspiration: Mexico

Get inspired by our curated collection of beautiful photos made on our favorite destinations in Mexico.

Travel inspiration: USA

Few countries in the world have such a wide variety of landscapes and cities as the USA. Get inspired by our curated collection of beautiful photos made on our favourite destinations in the USA.

Travel inspiration: Asia

Let yourself be inspired by a curated collection of beautiful photos made on our favourite Asian destinations.

Man looking at flight boards

5 Reasons why you should be a StaffTraveler

Being a StaffTraveler has many advantages. Having access to accurate and up-to-date flight loads is one of them, but there's more!

Girl writing a blog post on her laptop

Become a StaffTraveler blogger

If you love to travel, have excellent writing skills, and you want to tell the world about your adventures, then we're looking for you!

Airplanes through wet window

Non-rev, ID90, ZED, Interline, what’s the difference?

Basically, non-rev, ID90, ZED and Interline travel all mean the same: staff travel. There are some differences though...

Celebrating 100k members

A new year, a new milestone!

We are celebrating our 100,000th member and we need your help to reach the next milestone.