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New to StaffTraveler or need a quick refresher? Let’s walk through it together! Discover how to respond to requests within StaffTraveler and earn credits to make your own load requests!

Follow these steps to respond to load requests on StaffTraveler:

  • Open the StaffTraveler app and head to the ‘Requests’ tab.
  • Browse the list of requests from other users and select a flight you have information about.
  • Tap the request to view its details.
  • Input the load information: available seats in each class and the count of non-revenue passengers if known. More detailed instructions on how to do this are given below in this article.
  • The flight is locked for your response for 5 minutes to ensure accuracy.
  • Once done, click ‘Submit’ to send the information.

If you prefer using your desktop or laptop, we also provide the option to access StaffTraveler for web.

How to fill in the input fields of a load?

When you select a request from the ‘Loads’ tab, the ‘Enter loads’ screen appears. You will see fields for FIRST, BUS, ECO+, ECO, and a field to input the number of NON-REV passengers. Ensure the information you provide is accurate and up-to-date.

FIRST First class
BUS Business class
ECO Economy class
ECO+ Economy plus / Economy comfort
NON-REV  Listed standby passengers

The flight has no first class

Please note that all classes will always be shown, also if it is not available on the flight. If a class is not available, leave the input field open or enable the ‘This flight has no … class’ switch.

There are more seats available, but I don’t know how many

Some airlines give a capped number in case there are more than x seats available. For example, if more than 9 seats are open, 9 will be shown. If this is the case for your airline, select 9 open seats and enable the ‘There are more seats available, but I don’t know how many’ switch. 

Screenshot of StaffTraveler input field for loads

How to fill in the NON-REV input field?

First, choose the count of available seats for each class. Next, select the NON-REV input field. This action triggers the appearance of a second row of input fields.

In the scenario at the right, there are 4 open seats in First Class, 7 in Business, and 2 in Economy Plus. Economy Class is overbooked by 12, with 5 non-revenue passengers listed on the flight.

Begin by choosing the overall count of non-revenue passengers. If applicable, select the count of non-revenue passengers per available class. It’s important to ensure that the total non-revenue passengers align with the sum of non-revenue passengers per class.

I don’t know how many non-rev passengers are listed

If your airline doesn’t show the number of non-rev passengers, enable the ‘I don’t know how many non-rev passengers are listed’ switch. It would be wise to elaborate on this in the comments of the flight because some users might report the loads as inaccurate if this information is missing.

Listed passengers

For listed passengers, there are no input fields available. You can enter the number of open seats in the upper box below and categorize the number of listed non-revenue passengers in the lower boxes by class.

Screenshot of StaffTraveler input field for loads

What do the codes in my booking system mean?

While there’s no golden universal standard, these are some of the codes that you might find in your booking system:

Discount Economy: K, L, Q, V, W, U, T, X, N, O, S
Full Fare Economy: Y, B, M, H
Premium Economy: W, E
Discounted Business: D, I, Z
Full Fare Business: J, C, D
First: A, F

At StaffTraveler, we try to keep things simple, universal, and understandable for everybody. That’s why we don’t use these confusing codes but easy-to-read classes. Please sum up all available Economy (ECO), Premium Economy (ECO+), Business Class (BUS), and First Class (FIRST) seats and enter the totals in the corresponding boxes in the StaffTraveler app.

Customized input fields for each airline

We’re considering creating customized input fields for each airline, which, as you can imagine, involves a lot of work. Your assistance would be invaluable! Please send us the necessary codes for these boxes tailored to your airline at [email protected]. Your contribution means a lot to us!

Update requests

You can also update the loads for flights you’ve answered before. Head to the ‘Loads’ tab below ‘Your answered requests’ to find these flights. Please note that no update has been requested for these flights, so you won’t earn credits for updating them. However, updating them voluntarily is greatly appreciated! The user receiving the updated loads will be eternally grateful, and your kindness won’t go unnoticed!

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