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Explore the world of all-inclusive cruises

This new addition to the app allows you to access all the available interline discounts, which are closed rates for airline staff. Unlike your airline staff benefits, our cruise deals are all fully confirmed. Many discounts now available via the app can be booked years in advance.

These exclusive interline rates permit anyone who travels in your cabin to enjoy the same low rates as you. In addition, you can book two cabins on most voyages, and your parents can even travel without you.  

The focus will be on high-end all-inclusive cruises, which offer the biggest discounts and will let you cruise on 6-star ships at 3-star prices. But whatever your budget, you can now find, via the app, a dream cruise at prices you won’t believe, from Europe and the Mediterranean to the USA, the Pacific, Asia, and Australia or New Zealand. We’ve got you covered.

StaffTraveler partners up with FAB

StaffTraveler is excited to partner with James from FAB (Flight Attendant Business), a company he launched 5 years ago and a division of KVI Travel that has been in business for over 20 years. FAB’s standout feature is its remarkable team, comprised of current and former airline crew members, who bring years of sky-high experience and unparalleled travel insights.

Unlock exclusive insights and hidden opportunities

FAB isn’t your typical travel agency; it’s your gateway to exclusive insights and untapped opportunities. The team is certified in the prestigious Distinctive Voyages program, enabling them to host VIP groups on some of the world’s most extraordinary ships. 

No one knows interline rates and the discounting cycles in the cruise industry better than FAB – and this means FAB can predict price movements and which cruises are likely to sell out. All of which is critical intelligence that you can use to secure the lowest possible price. If you’ve never cruised before, FAB has all the tips and advice to ensure you don’t end up on the wrong ship.

Just as StaffTraveler lets you track loads on aircraft, now you can use the app to see how many cabins are left on your dream cruise, which will help you decide if you should book straight away or wait for a better deal.

A 6-star cruise is like first class 24/7. StaffTraveler now gets you onboard on the best ships in the world at savings at 95% off. Check out the deals available today!

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