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How to book your dream cruise with StaffTraveler

  1. Launch the StaffTraveler app on your device.
  2. Find the “Deals” option at the bottom of the app screen.
  3. Click on “Cruises” to access our incredible cruise deals.
  4. Pick your preferred Cruise Line, period, and location.
  5. Explore a list of cruises matching your preferences. Fill in your Guest Information, select rates and dates, explore deck plans, dining options, entertainment, ship profiles, ratings, and complete your cruise booking.

How to pick the perfect cruise

The cruise industry offers a vast array of options, so it’s essential to navigate it wisely. You can use the FAB website’s form to get personalized cruise recommendations or read their step-by-step guide.

Our recommendations for booking success

  • Define your cruise expectations: Determine what you want and don’t want from your cruise experience.
  • Know your cruise lines: Understand which cruise lines cater to specific segments and demographics.
  • Make informed choices: Ensure a positive first cruise experience by making well-informed decisions.

Avoid these common booking mistakes

  • Price-driven decisions: Don’t choose a cruise solely based on price and itinerary; consider your personal preferences and the cruise line’s target demographic.
  • First impressions matter: Your first cruise sets the tone for future preferences, so choose wisely.
  • Partner consideration: When booking, remember to consider your partner’s preferences to ensure a positive experience.

What’s next after booking?

Once you’ve booked your cruise, follow the instructions on your paid invoice, which includes using your booking number to register on the cruise line’s website. Find your booking number on your invoice, then proceed to register and verify your employment. If you have any questions or need assistance, please check the FAQ in our Knowledge Base.

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