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Non-Rev Lounge Podcast

Monique, Lara, and Tyler work as Gate Agent, Flight Attendant, and Ramper they discuss our non-rev travels as well as having guests on to share their trips and tips.

We’re really proud to feature them on our blog and will be linking every episode from now on this site. Here are the last 2 episodes for your enjoyment, especially check out #22 where Sam gives us a glowing review!

The three amigos are back!! At the start of each month, the three of us are gonna try to impress you with our nonrev thoughts and techniques! Work stories abound and they’re actually funny!!
Plus we really like each other and enjoy these episodes! 🤷‍♀️

  • What?? The most downloads? Thanks, Tyler! You’re the only one who’s checking (alpha male) 🤣
  • Next Trip Podcast!!
  • London delays (cheerio good mate)
  • Work stories ( it’s Arizona so think hot 🥵)
  • Much thanks to our fantastic June guests!
  • Love our supporters like Lara’s interaction with the new Brandon on her jumpseat flight to RIC! (Plus he was a hottie🔥🔥🔥)
  • Is it really non-revving if you’re riding the flight attendant jumpseat?
  • Lara’s Lyft ride to the airport! (🔫)
  • Thank you to all our supporters!

Find them on Instagram @NonRevLoungePodcast and Twitter @NonRevLoungePod.