As somewhat of a non-rev guru, I often get asked by colleagues and friends if I don’t find non-rev travel stressful? My answer is always no. Just follow my ten simple rules to non-rev travel.

  1. Plan! Have a plan A to get back and have a backup plan if that fails and have a backup plan for if that fails. Use the StaffTraveler app to find out what your chances are.
  2. Prepare! Try and find out as many ways to get home or get where you want to get by looking up different flight schedules.
  3. Keep checking the numbers, but not too early! It’s always a good idea to try and find out the loads by using StaffTraveler, but loads more than three days in advance are quite useless as they can change quite quickly.
  4. Be flexible! Go with the flow, if you can’t get to your number 1 destination, try another one, there are so many beautiful places in the world to see!
  5. Be thankful! A lot of people spend years saving and planning for trips we get to do on a whim.
  6. Be kind! Always say thank you to the gate staff when they give you a ticket, always be friendly to the FA’s on the flight, remember you are a guest allowed to use a very nice perk that comes with the job.
  7. Dress smart! Sometimes you’ll get an upgrade to business class; you might as well look the part (and some airlines demand this as well), so no flip-flops or torn jeans!
  8. Bring something nice for the people who are helping you get places! It’s always nice to bring a small treat for the gate staff, FA’s and pilots. Kindness reciprocates, trust me!
  9. Relax! If you don’t get on a flight you wanted to get on it sucks, I know! But take a breath, relax and find if there is some other way. If not, find a cheap hotel on the StaffTraveler app, get a good night sleep and try again tomorrow.
  10. Enjoy! Non-rev is fun! It’s a way of travel that not everyone can use, you are special, so enjoy it!