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Non-Rev Lounge Podcast

Monique, Lara, and Tyler work as Gate Agent, Flight Attendant, and Ramper they discuss our non-rev travels as well as having guests on to share their trips and tips.

We’re really proud to feature them on our blog and will be linking every episode from now on this site. Here are the last 2 episodes for your enjoyment, especially check out #22 where Sam gives us a glowing review!

Monique finally got her big show and come to meet us in LAX next month.

  • Friends and Family travel to Mexico for the big wedding.
  • Lara does a river cruise on the Thames river on her London Overnight
  • Update on Dave’s luggage that was lost on his Egypt trip.
  • Lara does London and Hawaii back to back like a knucklehead!
  • For safety reasons Lara sleeps with her shoes on, she is special.
  • Doing a Trash pick-up or Crop Dusting the passengers.
  • September 16, 17, and 18 we will be at LAX for Dorkfest, come to join us so we can meet you.

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Find them on Instagram @NonRevLoungePodcast and Twitter @NonRevLoungePod.