During this global COVID-19 outbreak, most of us in the airline industry are stuck at home. Luckily, a lot of Airline staff have taken up the #DontRushChallenge.

We thought it would be fun to collect these videos from around the world. If your airline or video is missing, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

Enjoy the show!

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

We are KLM for you!

From Amsterdam to the world, you can’t miss the KLM female cabin crew in their distinct blue uniforms. Bringing a touch of Dutchness to the world.

  • Female Cabin Crew
  • Male Cabin Crew
  • Female Pilots
  • Ground Staff
  • KLM Cityhopper Male Cabin Crew
  • Rotterdam Crew
  • Portugal Crew
  • Eindhoven Crew
  • Amsterdam Crew
  • Almere Crew (Incl. VIP, wait till the end!)
  • Hillegom Crew
  • Noord NL Crew
  • Den Bosch Crew
  • #notanotherdontrushchallenge

Transavia Netherlands

It's a pleasure

KLM’s charter and low-fare-with-care daughter company, you can never miss the green when you see them. Also, did you know their aircraft have ‘Welcome aboard’ painted next to the FWD entrance door in many different languages?

  • Cabin / Cockit and Maintancance Crew
  • Cabin Crew
  • Cabin Crew
  • Cabin Crew

Transavia France

It's a pleasure

With Transavia Netherlands having their own #dontrushchallenge video, the staff at Transavia France wasn’t far behind!

  • Cabin Crew

Air Canada

You gotta love those crazy Canadians! Air Canada just showing us all the #dontrushchallenge

  • Cabin Crew

Air France

Nous sommes Air France

Brining us the class that only the French can, storming out of the gate with a number of #dontrushchallenge videos!

  • Cabin Crew
  • Cabin Crew
  • Cabin Crew
  • Air France HOP crew (technically wrong song, but we’ll allow it)

Delta Airlines

Keep Climbing

One of the largest carriers in the world from Atlanta Georgia, the ladies and gentlemen from Delta Airlines showing their take in the #dontrushchallenge

  • Cabin Crew
  • Female Pilots
  • Cabin Crew (new Hires March 13th 2020)


Say Yes To The World

Who says Germans can’t have fun?? The Lufthansa crew can’t wait to get back to flying, and we agree!

  • Cabin Crew
  • Cabin Crew
  • Flight Deck / Cabin Crew
  • Flight Deck / Cabin Crew
  • Cityline Cabin Crew
  • Cityline Cockpit Crew
  • Cabin & Cats edition
  • Lufthansa India Crew


With so many nationalities the Emirates Cabin crew could not be left behind, awesome videos!

  • Cabin Crew
  • Cabin Crew (incl. Bloopers!)
  • Female pilots

Air Austral

Heading way down south to the sunny island of Reunion, Air Austral cabin crew is also ready to take to the skies yet again!

  • Cabin Crew

British Airways

To Fly to Serve

From London to all over the world as far as Syndey, Australia. British Airways staff are truly global with their #dontrushchallenge

  • Cabin Crew
  • Female Pilots (The special #thankyou version)

The funny side of crewlife


Bright orange and bold, you can never miss an Easyjet crew and you certainly won’t in their #dontrushchallenge videos!

  • Easyjet France
  • Easyjet Amsterdam
  • Easyjet Berlin (they got the song wrong, but we’ll allow it)
  • Easyjet Newcastle ground crew

Virgin Australia

From the land down-under, here comes Virgin Australia!

  • Cabin Crew

Corendon Dutch Airlines

The newest charter airline from the Netherlands, Corendon Dutch Airlines!

  • Cabin Crew

Whye we love our crewlife


Condor always shows us how to have fun! Be it at the WASC or in the air, way to go guys!

  • Cabin Crew / Flight Deck / Maintanance
  • Part 2 (technically not #dontrushchallenge due to wrong music, but we love you guys anyways!)
  • Female Pilots


Always a pleasure to non-rev with you guys when I’m in Canada! Awesome video, thank you for the contribution.

  • Cabin Crew


Flying people from all over Europe to their holidays, TUI is a truly Pan-European Carrier.

  • TUI Belgium
  • TUI Germany
  • TUI Netherlands

SN Brussles Airlines

The Flag-carrier from the land of Belgium chocolates, Waffles and Manneke pis. Thank you for the excellent #dontrushchallenge video!

  • Cabin Crew BRU base
  • Cabin Crew DUS base
  • Cabin Crew

Listen while you relax

Swiss International Airlines

You can’t miss the Swiss with their chocolates and clocks, but you certainly can’t miss their #dontrushchallenge

  • Cabin Crew / Flight Deck (okay they got the song wrong but we’ll allow it)

Caribbean Airlines

From sunny Europe to the really sunny caribean,  Caribbean airlines show of their stuff in their #dontrushchallenge video!

  • Female Pilots


Norwegian by name, but based all over Europe, awesome videos!

  • Norwegian UK
  • Norwegian France

American Airlines

Our second big entry from the USA! way to go American!

  • Female Pilots

Virgin Atlantic

Flying in the face of ordinary… Our flying colleagues at Virgin Atlantic made this #dontrushchallenge video. Nothing ordinary about that!

And thanks to Twitter users @Mrdini and @MichaelAOakes, we found this absolute gem!

  • Cabin Crew
  • Virgin Atlantic Crew
  • Cabin Crew


From sunny Germany to sunny Turkey, here is the latest video from the #dontrushchallenge!

  • SunExpress Deutschland

Cathay Pacific

Flying from the beautiful city of Hong Kong to all over the world, thank you for your #dontrushchallenge!

  • Cathay Pacific Female Pilots & Cargo Operations team
  • Cabin Crew
  • Indonesian Cabin Crew


Our first contender from South America for the #dontrushchallenge!!

  • Avianca crew

Air Tahiti Nui

Our first contender from South America for the #dontrushchallenge!!

  • Cabin & Cockpit Crew

A story of love in the air


From the land of down-under and some of the most hardcore StaffTraveler fans #dontrushchallenge

  • Long Haul crew
  • Qantas Crew UK

Frontier Airlines

Our third contestant from the USA, Frontier Airlines!! #dontrushchallenge

  • Cabin Crew


From the sunny middle east, the smaller airline at DXB, FlyDubai does the #dontrushchallenge

  • Female Pilots

When we don't get paid to fly anymore

United Airlines

We now have the big three complete from the USA, thank you for your #dontrushchallenge contribution

  • Female Pilots
  • LHRSW Flight Attendants

Blue Air

From beautiful Romania, the ladies and gentlemen from Blue Air!

  • Cabin Crew


Even though it’s cold up north, the Finns can sure do a #dontrushcahllenge

  • Team Finnair

Air Calledonie

For me a special place in my heart as this where I proposed to my wife, way to go Air Caledonie!

  • Crew

Air Belgium

From the heart of Europa, Belgiums’ aptly named ACMI carrier!

  • Crew


With their distinct Red uniforms very hard to miss and some great skiing in the winter!

  • Cabin Crew
  • Wiener Walz Edition

Blue bird ailrines

Flying from Greece thank you for joining the #dontrushchallenge!

  • Cabin Crew

Tassili Airlines

From beautiful Algeria, awesome in joining in with the #dontrushchallenge

  • Cabin Crew


Bringing English holidaymakers to all the sunny places around Europe and beyond.

  • BHX cabin Crew

El Al

From the beautiful country of Israel flying all across the world!

  • Crew

Sunwing Airlines

From lovely Canada the Sunwing Airlines #dontrushchallenge!

  • Sunwing Toronto Crew
  • Sunwing Montreal Crew

Thomas Cook

Gone, but certainly not forgotten!!

  • Crew

Enter Air

Charter flights from Poland to all over Europe, thanks for joining the #dontrushchallenge

  • Cabin Crew


Flying from Australia, and now joining the #dontrushchallenge

  • Crew

Gojet Airlines

Flying regional for United, thanks for the contribution!

  • Crew

Compilation Crew videos

Crews from all different airlines have banded together to create some awesome #dontrushchallenge videos, don’t miss them!

  • Canadian Cabin Crew (Jazz Air, Air Canada Rouge, Westjet, AirTransat and Sunwing)
  • AF / KLM Group (Air France, KLM, Transavia)
  • #unitedbywings
  • Hungarian Crew Worldwide


Altough technically not airline staff, most of us would be lost without the handling by the stars at Aviapartner, so we decided to add them as well!

  • Aviapartner Boys, Passenger Services, Brussels Airport
  • Aviapartner Girls, Passenger Services, Brussels Airport
  • Work from home challenge, Aviapartner Brussels Airport
  • Aviapartner The Netherlands
  • Aviapartner FCO Airport
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