About Thijs Spuijbroek

Cities grow, and landscapes change, the world is different every day. Airline pilot Thijs Spuijbroek loves to capture this change in nature.

“When I walk around in Barcelona, I see hundreds of people photographing this beautiful city using their phone. The average time people take to make a picture before they head to the next ‘hot spot’ is about 10 seconds. We instantly post this picture on our social media and are hoping to receive as many likes as possible. But do we actually realize what we see?

I use Photoshop and Lightroom to get the most out of my images. But all the elements in my photographs are genuinely there. Photography taught me a new way of looking. When you take the time to really observe the scenery, you will find the details and colors you haven’t noticed before. My passion is to bring all these elements together into one photograph!”

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