Whilst Rotterdam has a lovely little airport, chances are that you land at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. After seeing the canals, red light district and coffee shops, Rotterdam is the next place to go.

Beautiful architecture and lots of beautiful, new venues to wine, dine and go out make Rotterdam one of Europe’s most exhilarating cities of this moment. The Netherlands’ second-largest metropolis has a diverse, multi-ethnic community, an absorbing maritime tradition centered on Europe’s busiest port and a wealth of top-class museums.

Food & drink

[Venue name=”Markthal” location=”in the city center” category=”Food hall” url=”https://www.markthal.nl” schema=”FoodEstablishment”]

[Venue name=”Supermercado” location=”in the city center” category=”Mexican restaurant & cocktail bar” url=”http://supermercadorotterdam.nl” schema=”Restaurant”]

[Venue name=”Dertien” location=”in the city center” category=”Restaurant & bar” url=”http://www.dertienrotterdam.nl” schema=”FoodEstablishment”]

[Venue name=”Biergarten” location=”next to the Rotterdam Centraal train station” category=”Beer garden” url=”http://biergartenrotterdam.nl” schema=”BarOrPub”]

[Venue name=”Hopper Coffee” location=”in the city center” category=”Coffee” url=”http://www.hopper-coffee.nl” schema=”CafeOrCoffeeShop”]

[Venue name=”Alan & Pim’s” location=”Blaak” category=”Chicken restaurant” url=”http://www.alanenpims.nl” schema=”Restaurant”]

[Venue name=”Sajoer” location=”southeast of the city center” category=”Juice bar” url=”http://sajoer.nl” schema=”FoodEstablishment”]

[Venue name=”Osteria Vicini” location=”Kralingen” category=”Italian restaurant” url=”http://www.vicinirotterdam.nl” schema=”Restaurant”]

[Venue name=”Ayla” location=”in the city center” category=”Shared dining” url=”ayla.nl” schema=”Restaurant”]

[Venue name=”Ter Marsch & Co” location=”Witte de Withstraat” category=”Great meat” url=”http://www.termarschco.nl/nl/rotterdam/home” schema=”Restaurant”]

[Venue name=”Bertmans” location=”North” category=”Healthy breakfast & brunch” url=”https://www.facebook.com/Bertmans.rotterdam” schema=”Restaurant”]

[Venue name=”Gys” location=”southwest of the city center” category=”Healthy restaurant” url=”http://gysrotterdam.nl” schema=”Restaurant”]

[Venue name=”Spirit” location=”east of the city center” category=”Healthy restaurant” url=”http://www.spiritrestaurants.nl/rotterdam/” schema=”Restaurant”]

[Venue name=”Stirr” location=”in the city center” category=”Cocktail bar” url=”http://www.thestirr.nl” schema=”BarOrPub”]


[Venue name=”Annabel” location=”near the Rotterdam Centraal train station” category=”Live music venue” url=”http://www.annabel.nu” schema=”EntertainmentBusiness”]

[Venue name=”BIRD” location=”near the Rotterdam Centraal train station” category=”Jazz club” url=”http://bird-rotterdam.nl” schema=”NightClub”]

[Venue name=”Suicide club” location=”on the Rotterdam Centraal train station” category=”Rooftop bar & restaurant” url=”http://www.thesuicideclub.nl” schema=”Restaurant”]

[Venue name=”Café LaBru” location=”in the city center” category=”Café LaBru” url=”https://www.facebook.com/CafeLaBru” schema=”BarOrPub”]

[Venue name=”HUGH” location=”in the Hilton hotel” category=”Club / Cocktail bar” url=”http://www.hughrotterdam.nl” schema=”NightClub”]

[Venue name=”Level” location=”east of the city center” category=”Restaurant & cocktail bar” url=”http://www.levelrotterdam.nl” schema=”Restaurant”]

Hotel rooms & rental cars

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Getting there

Trains departing from Schiphol Airport will take you to the Rotterdam City center within 30 minutes and trains depart about every 10 minutes during the day.

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