Lisbon: The city of the seven hills. Here we lose ourselves in its alleys with huge climbs and descents, so do not forget to use comfortable shoes. Lisbon is rich in many aspects. If you only have one day, here are my suggestions.

In the morning, go to Saldanha square and go up to Avenida da República. On your left side, you will find Choupana coffee. The prices are affordable and the food is great. Order a salmon bagel or a yogurt with muesli and cranberries. Don’t forget to order the juice of the day.

After breakfast return to Saldanha Square and go down to Marquês de Pombal. Take the opportunity to take some photos and, if you want a great view of Lisbon and the Tejo River, go to Parque Eduardo VII.

Then, go down the Avenida da Liberdade and enjoy the luxury shops. It’s much like the Champs Elysees. When you reach the Restauradores Square, on the left side you will find the Hard Rock Cafe. I am suspicious, but for me, it is one of the most beautiful in the world and I have had the opportunity to visit several. Here it may be one of the options for lunch, however, it is always full of tourists and if you fancy something quieter, this will not be the ideal place.

So, if you want something more homely and cozy, I recommend the restaurant A Licorista, in the Sapateiros street. It does not accept reservations, just show up and you will enjoy good Portuguese food and environment. It was here that the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa used to came to drink his liquor. For the greediest, after lunch, go to Augusta Street, a street parallel to the restaurant, and then go to Pastelaria Ferrary, where you’ll get great cream pastries and bread with chorizo. In the same street, for those who want to taste the cod cake (€ 3.5 a unit), just stop at Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau. It’s a mandatory stop.

Then walk for a while in this street and descend it towards the Tejo River and cross the Arch of the Street Augusta. It is possible to climb up and have a privileged view of Lisbon and the river (€ 2 up). After crossing the Arch, enjoy the River and the atmosphere. On the other side you can see the boats and on the right side the bridge 25th of April.

When the sun sets, I suggest two places, both with wonderful views. First is the Bairro Alto Hotel, which received a premium for being the small luxurious hotel with the best view in the world. Secondly, the restaurant Madame Petisca, also with a fabulous view. Both are worth a visit whether it’s for lunch, dinner or even just for a drink.

When you have finished dinner there, you are already in the right place to enjoy Lisbon’s nightlife: the Bairro Alto zone. Throughout the night the area of Cais do Sodré is also worth a visit. There you will find the bar “Pensão Amor” with a unique decoration or the bar “O bom, o mau e o vilão”. The best club is LUX, close to Santa Apolonia train station, but there are others around the city.

Enjoy this beautiful Lisbon, small but big, which I consider a little mine.

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