StaffTraveler enables airline employees to get the loads on the flights they wish to staff travel on. Easy, reliable and quick!

What is StaffTraveler?

People who work for an airline have the benefit of traveling for fixed, low rates. Not only with the airline they work for but often for many, many other airlines.

Depending on where you live and work, this benefit might be called staff traveling, non-rev, interline, ID90, ZED fares or, as we call it in The Netherlands: IPB. The latter stands for ‘Indien Plaats Beschikbaar’, which translates to ‘If a seat is available’. And this is exactly the crux of the matter.

Airline employees get to travel the world for extremely low prices, but they never know upfront whether they get will get accepted on board or not. When staff traveling (as we call it), one has no guaranteed seat. If a flight is fully booked, the airline employee will not get accepted. With planes being overbooked all the time, this is a big uncertainty for staff travelers (see where our names come from? 😉 ).

Most airlines have an internal website to allow their employees to check the number of available seats on flights they wish to staff travel on. These numbers are only available for flights that are carried out by the own airline though. If you wish to travel with another airline, you don’t have access to the loads, as we call these numbers.

Until now...

Like most airline employees, we love to travel. After getting stuck at airports a couple of time due to a lack of load information, we decided to change the way people travel. By enabling airline employees to get the loads for all flights they wish to staff travel on, we removed the stress from staff traveling and made it enjoyable, as it should be! Never get rejected for a flight anymore by choosing the flight that has the best odds to get on board.

How does it work?

Let’s say you want to staff travel from Amsterdam to Bangkok

  1. You post requests for the flights from AMS to BKK on the airlines you can staff travel on, on the dates you want to know the availability of
  2. People at the airlines of the flights that you have selected get a notification that you would like to know the availability on a few of their flights
  3. They answer your requests with actual load information
  4. You receive a notification with the updated loads

Exclusive discounts

By teaming up with some of the largest names in the hotel business we can offer exclusive discounts up to 60% on hotel rooms and rental cars.

Log in to StaffTraveler to get access to these exclusive airline crew discounts.

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