The city does not sleep, and neither do we because we only have 24 hours. That’s what I thought on my last night stop in New York City. I arrived at dinner time at the hotel in Times Square. I took the opportunity to visit the whole surrounding area and see the buzz of the city. People were coming in and out of the theatres, and I took advantage of that to get into one of them. Afterwards, I could not miss the Hard Rock Cafe where I enjoyed a wonderful American burger. To end the evening, I went up to the ‘The View’ restaurant of the Marriott Marquis Hotel which has a 360° view.

The next day, I woke up very early and went to have breakfast at the ‘Juniors‘, very close to Times Square. The food is typical American with bagels, bacon and eggs. Today is the day to return, but the goal is to visit the main attractions. So I walked down Times Square to the Rockefeller Center, NY’s iconic location. I went ahead and as soon as I got to 5th Avenue the feeling I had is like in the movies. I walked a little along the avenue and then headed towards Central Station because I wanted to take the subway to Brooklin Bridge. Taking the subway in New York is easy because you just have to see which line goes up and down the city.

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I crossed the bridge of Brooklin and had another perspective of the city. Then I went back to the beginning and walked the streets of the city until arriving at the 9/11 Memorial. This is a sad but grandiose place, accompanied by the Liberty Tower. I walked around the garden a bit and went to Battery Park, the place where you can take a free boat to the Statue of Liberty. Taking the free tour to Staten Island is worth it for those who like me do not have time to make a visit to the island of the Statue of Liberty. Just remind that you’ll need to take 30 minutes to come back.

Arriving back in Manhattan it was time to have lunch. I took an Uber to Soho, where you’ll find restaurants that suit all tastes. If you have time, this is a good shopping area as there are lots of stores with well-known brands. I still wanted to go up to the Empire State Building to see the sunset, so I had to get another Uber. I bought a ticket in advance to avoid queues and waste time. The entrance is simple and is made by the secondary door to 5th Avenue. Once up there is enjoying the 360 ° view that we have of this magnificent city. The sun already has set, and it is time to return to the hotel to prepare for the return flight home.

Thank you, New York, for your greatness!

How to non-rev to New York

With 3 major airports serving the city, you won’t have any trouble finding a flight to New York. Here’s an overview with airlines that fly non-stop to and from the world’s main hubs. Use the StaffTraveler app to find the perfect flight for you.

Amsterdam KLM, United (EWR), Delta, Norwegian
Atlanta Spirit, Frontier, JetBlue, United (EWR), Delta, American
Bangkok No direct flights
Beijing Air China, United
Chicago Spirit, United (LGA), American (LGA), Delta, JetBlue, Southwest
Dubai Emirates
Frankfurt Lufthansa (EWR & JFK), Singapore Airlines, United (EWR)
Istanbul Turkish Airlines
London British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Norwegian, American, United (EWR), Delta
Los Angeles United (EWR), Alaska, JetBlue, Delta
Madrid American, Iberia, Norwegian
Paris Level, Norwegian, Air France, United (EWR), La Compagnie, Delta
Sydney No direct flights
Tokyo ANA, JAL, United (EWR)
Toronto American (LGA), Porter Airlines (EWR), WestJet (EWR), Air Canada (EWR), Delta, United (EWR)

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