You think you have what it takes to be a flight attendant’s boyfriend? Here are a few things you have to put through.


Be prepared…

Familiarize yourself with Skype. It’ll be your primary way of communication.

Do not call her on the phone when she’s on standby.

Do give importance to time, preferably military time. 21:16 is never the same as 21:17.

Remind her which country she is in first thing when she wakes up in the morning.

During dinner, when she asks you whether you like chicken or beef… Oboohooy! You better think fast!

Prepare yourself for her jetlag, otherwise known as the PFS or the Post Flight Syndrome.

Do not wake her up when she’s sleeping, even if you wonder “she must be hungry after sleeping 18 hours already!” Again, let her wake up by herself.

Do not be surprised if she wants you to take several shots of vaccines: Hepa B, Hepa A, Meningitis, Yellow Fever etc. etc.

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Stay away when her roster comes out. That’s the next worse time to PMS.

Be grateful for her smile. You get it for free.

Be ready to see yourself 5 to 10 years from now. She wants a man who knows his direction.

Do not mess with how she arranges her suitcase. Boots are for Boots sack, shampoos are for toiletries, undies are for undies bag and so on.

Do not expect her to remember the names of your friends in one sitting.

Do not accuse her of bragging when she says she went to Paris for coffee or just hit the gym in Berlin. She’s just plainly, innocently telling you a story.

Do not get intimidated by the beautiful men around her. Chances are she’s already used to/sick of seeing hotness in form.

Do not question why half of the dresses in her closet has never been worn, and she still complains, she doesn’t have anymore.

Do not remove any clothes you think is too much in her suitcase, remember: she has four sets of outfits in her suitcase: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Fall.

She expects you to learn how to read an Aviator watch.

The next best gift to a Limited Louis Vuitton bag is a fancy Dual Time Watch.

This post is written by Arlene Tingson. 

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