StaffTraveler enables you to check non-rev loads on other airlines. It helps you to plan your trip, whether you’re commuting or flying for pleasure. In this post, we explain how to get the non-rev loads you need, for free.

How to get non-rev loads with StaffTraveler?

Great question! And you’ve come to the right place because we are experts on non-rev travel.

Getting standby loads is now easier than ever. All you need is an iPhone or Android phone and the StaffTraveler app.

We wrote a detailed post about requesting flight loads on StaffTraveler that you can find here.

TLDR; Get the app, search your flights, request the loads.

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The credit system explained

Why do I need credits for getting loads on StaffTraveler? Why can’t you just make all requests for free? We get these questions a lot, and we understand why. Yes, it would be great if you could get endless free credits. But there’s a good reason to work with a credit system, and it’s all for your benefit…

For StaffTraveler to work, we need people who respond to your load requests. To motivate our users to do so, we give them a credit when they submit the loads. This credit is granted by the member who posted the request. You can see it as a way of thanking someone for the time and effort it took to give you the loads.

This way, we make sure that your requests get answered asap!

So how do I get credits?

First off, you don’t need to buy credits to use StaffTraveler; there are many ways to get your credits for free!

Let’s start with the most simple one: answer incoming requests for your airline. Every request that you answer, you get a credit. That’s right: you get free credits while helping colleagues around the world planning their non-rev trips!

But I don’t have access to load information

Even then, it’s still possible to earn free credits! StaffTraveler is all about helping each other. If you contribute to StaffTraveler, we’ll reward you with free credits.

Here are two ways to earn free credits:

  1. Add a tip to the tips section in StaffTraveler, and when approved, you’ll be rewarded with a free credit!
  2. Invite a friend to use StaffTraveler. After we have approved their account, you will receive 2 free credits!

Is there any other way to get my hands on extra credits?

By popular demand, we have added the possibility to purchase credits if any of the other methods are not for you. You can purchase the credits in the app by tapping on your credit balance.

If you travel a lot, we suggest you purchase 50 or 100 credits as the discount rises when purchasing more credits. You’ll get up to a 56% discount when buying 100 credits.

When purchasing credits, you make it possible for us to keep our service running and helping our colleagues around the world to make their non-rev trips easier!

Download the StaffTraveler app now and make your next non-rev trip easy and stress-free

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