1. Get reliable loads for your staff travel flights

With StaffTraveler, you can get the flight loads for the flights you wish to non-rev on. Knowing the seat availability before you go to the airport is a huge stress relief.

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2. Get exclusive StaffTraveler discounts on hotel rooms and rental cars

We know… You can get discounts on Booking.com. Your airline probably has some deals with hotel chains. You might even get some discount when you call a hotel and say you work for an airline. But… There’s no place where you can get exclusive airline employee discounts on practically every hotel in the world. Check out the Book tab in our app to find the best rates for your next hotel room or rental car.


3. Get insider tips from the largest worldwide airline community

Yes, you can check Google, TripAdvisor or one of the thousands of other websites. But would you find that hidden speakeasy bar where airline crew likes to gather? Or that fantastic restaurant that offers a 20% airline crew discount? Probably not!

StaffTravelers love to help each other. They share valuable insider city tips to help you get the most out of your trip. Go to the Tips tab in the app to get inspiring places on your next destination!

If you’re travelling on duty and want to get everything out of your 24 hours abroad, check out the 24 hours articles on our blog, written by our StaffTraveler bloggers.


4. Be part of the worlds largest, exclusive airline community

As mentioned before, StaffTravelers love to help each other. We share information and tips to make your next staff travel trip easy and stress-free. We help you to pick your next destination. We inspire you to visit the most amazing places. We’re there to help you if you get stuck at an airport. StaffTraveler brings the joy back to flying non-rev.


5. Because 117,000 people can’t be wrong

Today, February 11th 2019, StaffTraveler is used by over 117,000 colleagues from 660 airlines around the entire world. More than 800 members have rated our app with an average of 4.8 stars in the App Store. They can’t be wrong, right?  ?



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