As a single non-rev traveler, the repetitive checking for seat availability, pushing our luck and testing our people skills on gate agents are all challenges. This might also be the reason we opt out leisure travel altogether, especially, after being in the sky constantly.

There are many reasons to find excuses not to travel. But why? We have travel benefits, and that’s one of the reasons why we chose this career. So, my advice, as a fellow non-rev traveler, is to find ways to do that quickie, just because we can. If you have 3 days off, then why not go somewhere quickly?

Besides, our trips have become the most popular conversation starter among crew members. “Where have you been lately?” is an often heard question amongst cabin crew members. Plus, getting away on a quickie is just what the doctor ordered, especially after flying the same route over and over.

Here are my top ten reasons to stop stressing about travel like others do, and start enjoying those non-rev benefits.

1. Don’t overthink your decision “Just do it”, like Nike says, is really your best bet to get away on a quickie. If you overthink it, your mind will convince you not to do it. You will start to remember all the reasons why you haven’t done it before.

2. Pick a place you’ve never been before or think about that something that you’ve never done, eaten or seen before. Remember, a quickie trip is just a way to get away on short notice with minimum days, and minimum planning, because you can. Let us inspire you!

3. Make a list of at least 3 of the above That way, when number one is impossible to do, go for number 2. Odds are you won’t even get to number 3, until next time, when number 3 becomes your number 1.

4. Consider taking someone with you to split the cost of an Airbnb. If you don’t want the added stress of finding two available seats, then look into hostels. After all, a 3 day off is only good for travel of 2 days, with one day to mark that something special off your bucket list.

5. Don’t stress about your decision Go with the attitude, “if it didn’t work, at least I tried!”. Then go home, get some rest, and try again next month. How many can travel on a whim with the benefits you have?

6. Be nice to everyone you encounter and excited about your adventure by telling those who have your fate in their hands, the purpose of your trip. When your attitude of excitement shows, then those around you will want to assist you to succeed. We all enjoy assisting others to mark off places, or things to eat, off their bucket lists. Gives us motivation and inspiration. Also, we’ve got some pretty good tips on how to get on the plane when travelling on standby.

7. Consider a journal of why you want to see the aurora borealis in Iceland or eat that paella in Spain. Thinking about something is a good start, but to write and talk about it is the next and final step in doing it.

8. Don’t wait until next month or until that next vacation. Too many have no other choice but to wait, as travel is expensive. Some can only afford a two-week vacation once a year. You can travel as a non-rev as often as you want, and whenever you want. Don’t forget, you have way more control over your schedule than those who work 9 to 5. Why wait?

9. Make yourself a promise to do something, see something, eat something, you have never seen, eaten, or done before, at least once a month. Then do it!

10. Most of all: have fun! Life is supposed to be lived for the experiences. Let your experiences not only be for work but also for that clam chowder you try in New England, the lobster you eat in Maine, the table mountain you climb in Cape Town, or the gondola ride in Venezia.

Being a non-rev traveler is a gift you can enjoy or a curse you can hate. You choose. I chose to go to eat something new or go see a new culture I know nothing about. Even if it means I have to keep trying until I get to be there, on my time, not the company’s. I’ll keep trying. I hope you will too! After all, our benefits enable us to.

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