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Non-Rev Lounge Podcast

Monique, Lara, and Tyler work as Gate Agent, Flight Attendant, and Ramper they discuss our non-rev travels as well as having guests on to share their trips and tips.

We’re really proud to feature them on our blog and will be linking every episode from now on this site. Here are the last 2 episodes for your enjoyment, especially check out #22 where Sam gives us a glowing review!

We meet Internet Radio Star J Jones! He has an Internet Radio Show called
“Let’s Do Lunch With J Jones”!
He is also an airline worker, and motivational speaker and has a career in behavioral health (God Bless Him)

This charismatic and engaging man is a fun non-rev who loves to do day trips and even do them to Hawaii! (C’mon, it’s the Non-Rev Lounge so of course we talk Hawaii and lie-flat seats❤️)

“Non-revving is not for the faint of heart”-JJones

  • Where does J Jones work?
  • What does he love about his job? (Hint, think pushing)
  • J Jones is a FOODIE! We discuss favorite cities and favorite restaurants! (Lara’s is NOLA, if you don’t know which city that is, you’ll have to listen)
  • Follows his fav band to Europe! (Brush with fame along the way)
  • Check out his motivational videos on IG! Lara is HOOKED!

On Instagram find J Jones at: everythingjones
On Twitter at:  @EvrythingJones

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Find them on Instagram @NonRevLoungePodcast and Twitter @NonRevLoungePod.