We all need some inspiration and to learn new things about what’s going on in our industry and Instagram is a great platform for us to share! We all live such different lives and see different things in our work and benefits and these people below give a really wholistic view into what StaffTravel can be! From hilariously relatable posts, an appreciation post for our work and our unique lives, or even to see what Dubai in 24 Hours looks like you can find it all in the accounts below!

1. @thekayliebrooke

The woman with an 8500 KM Commute

Kaylie is amazing. Not only were we lucky enough to have her view of Non-Rev Etiquette but she’s living a crazy interesting life! As a Southwest Airlines flight attendant based in Pheonix, she begins her commute in London! That’s some serious dedication and a feat! Kaylie is a wonderful photographer and you won’t regret following her and being part of her journey through her career and life!

2. @javonds

The man, the myth, the legend

We’re so happy that we can say that Javon has let us publish some of his posts. Javon is an eloquent man who has a strong passion for aviation, aircraft, and flight benefits! He’s curated an entire itinerary for Los Angeles as wells as written an entire piece detailing the wonder of the Airbus A220. And, if you couldn’t tell from the photo, he’s a charming man too! You must follow him and read his posts if you haven’t already!

3. @nonrevlife

Memes for the StaffTraveler

Do you love to laugh? Well, this account is the funniest and most original on Instagram, and we were even honored for having a mention in one of their posts! Each of this account’s posts highlights how unique the lives of an airline employee truely is and how humbling it is to finally get on a flight… or how amazing it feels to finally get upgraded!

4. @justplanecarly

An American Airlines Expat in London

Her bio has said it best:

American expat with an airplane obsession traveling around with my English hubby
Just here to make you smile ?✈️

Carly has a sweet Instagram account and holds aviation near and dear to her heart. She’s had a focus on safety in aviation and wrote a wonderful piece on the subject! Her story and unique perspective in aviation are a reason that I keep coming back for more!

5. @airbnb

Inspiration for your stays

Our first account featured for some travel inspiration. Everyone travels for vastly different reasons but Airbnb does a phenomenal job to consolidate it all into one place. Here you’ll find inspiration to see wonderful hostels to party, apartments to live like a local, and even unique spots anywhere in the world! We’ve touched upon quite a few unique stays in our post The 7 most beautiful Airbnb in the world.

6. @h.c.travel

Capturing the world around him one weekend at a time

A man of many travels! Harold is another person who given our blog some great insight that he’s learned from his travels! One of the ones I personally found useful was the Grand Times in Grand Cayman he wrote for us. His photos are among the most well-edited and emotional. I love seeing pictures like this one in Rio right here! You need to be following Harold and see how great non-rev can be!

7. @stafftravelerapp

Everything Travel, all the time!

If you’re not already following us you need to and share your travel stories with us! We love to feature our fans and members of our aviation family! All other accounts here have a feature on our page and we’re happy to add more tips and uncover gems to inspire all the other non-revs to visit! We also host giveaways for StaffTraveler credits and make a post for each of our Travel Tuesdays posts!

If you’re not following @stafftravelerapp yet you need to now!

What are you waiting for? Check out these Instagram accounts and find the inspiration for your next non-rev today!

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