Non-revenue travel (non-rev in short)  is a benefit for airline employees. Non-rev tickets can be used by (retired) airline employees, travel industry employees, their family members or close friends. You can purchase these tickets at a fraction of the costs of a standard ticket, but they are only granted if unsold seats are available.

Booking non-rev tickets is often not limited to your own airline. Depending on your airline’s agreements you might be able to book non-rev tickets on many other airlines.

Non-rev, ISA, GP, ZED and IPB are some of the abbreviations used for non-revenue airline travel, also referred to as staff travel. You may come across the term ID90. This stands for Industry Discount. The number indicates the amount of discount on the standard full fare economy rate. ID90 means 90% off.


Non-rev codes

There are different kinds of non-rev tickets and priorities.

ID90 is a standby ticket
ID80 is standby ticket
ID75 may be confirmed
ID50 is a confirmed ticket

You might also see one of these priority codes added:

Service (employee, travelling to or from work)
Rebate (employee, travelling for leisure)
Non-company (not an employee)
Non-company travelling to or from work, not used by all airlines

The letter is followed by either 1 or 2, where 1 is a confirmed ticket, and 2 is a standby ticket. These combinations can occur regardless of the discount percentage.

These codes determine the priority in case of a full flight. An S1 ticket will have priority over everyone else, including regular paying passengers.


Get the non-rev seat availability

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