A former CIA spy wrote a travel guide with travelers’ advice, posted on the Sofrep News website. Travel safely with these tips from a pro.

Our CIA agent advises that we should never stay on the first nor on the top floor of the hotel. The first floor is easily accessible and the highest floor can allow entrances through the roof. And if you think about a fire, for example, the second floor is more readily accessible to emergency vehicles.

Another tip is when we leave the hotel room at night, we must keep a light on in order to create the impression that we’re there. Take a plastic card with you to activate the light while you’re away.

In relation to our documents and wallets, he advises that we must have two of them. One wallet with fake credit cards and some local notes and anonymous photos. The other one with our true documents, which we take with us all the time.

More tips from our former CIA agent below

He also reminds us that tagging our trolley with our information is important, but we must put the label in a not so visible place. That would make it too easy to identify us for people with bad intentions.

Oh and when traveling to Colombia, never take a business card from a nice but unfamiliar person, never leave your drink and NEVER go to a strip club. Find out why by watching this VICE documentary about Devil’s Breath.

And these are the tips. Always travel safely!

Our spy also told us that he never goes on a trip without first consulting the StaffTraveller app  😉

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