Have you ever had a video make you feel you were in it? Sometimes dreaming away by the adventures other people engage in is better than being in it yourself. I wouldn’t plunge into the freezing Antarctic myself but watching it, triggers my wanderlust! Below are the top 5 travel YouTubers that will inspire you to get moving in 2023!

1. Kara and Nate

Kara and Nata are a husband and wife from Nashville who started their YouTube channel when they decided to take a year off. They traveled to over 100 countries and lived in a van for 2 years. They often review their first and business class experiences on their channel from Emirates to Turkish Airlines. They also engage in a lot of adventurous activities on their travels. They attempted to swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco, ran marathons and tried to survive on an island for 3 days without any amenities. Definitely worth the watch!

2. The Bucket List Family

The bucket List Family is a bit less into extreme activities because they have 3 children aboard! This definitely doesn’t make it boring though! The Gee family, consisting of Garrett, Jessica, Dorothy, Manilla and Calihan, isn’t just your average family. 7 years ago, they decided to leave all behind and begin a journey around the world. In the first 3 years they visited over 60 countries and they are counting! Although they found their home base in Hawaii, they still wander the world and upload an exciting video each week!


3. Discover With Ruhi Cenet

Ruhi Ceenet is a content creator from Turkey. He doesn’t just share videos on his YouTube channel but also fantastic short documentaries. He visits unique places unknown to many and tries to shine a different light on them as not many know them. These special places often go hand in hand with unique experiences. He went to the coldest city on earth, Yakutsk, visited the world’s most dangerous road in Pakistan and stayed in the most air polluted city in the world, Lahore. He only started 1 year ago, but with what he’s already created, I believe there is much more to come. So stay tuned!

4. Sailing La Vagabonde

Riley and Elayna are an Australian couple who started their YouTube channel in 2014 and decided to fulfill their dreams and sail the ocean without any experience. In the first 4 years they sailed over 65.000 miles (105.000 kilometers), including multiple ocean crossings. Every Monday, they upload a new video with vlogs of their amazing trips and often some helpful information on sailing. If you are into sailing the salty ocean and love beautiful sunsets on the horizon, this channel is for you!

5. Drew Binsky

This man has been to every country in the world(!) and is still going strong! He doesn’t just share vlogs but posts short documentaries where he shares extraordinary stories about the people he encounters, cultures he experiences and stories he hears. Drew has had crazy adventures where he went to North Korea, took an extreme Russian bath and threw a party in the least populated country. He also tried seeing what 1 dollar can get you in different countries and even had Mcdonald’s in 77 countries. So something for everyone!

Let’s see what adventure inspires you next!

StaffTraveler for web