As we sit in our galleys, trains, or even on our couches we need to find that next amazing destination! I personally get all my inspiration from two places: Instagram and TikTok. Both of these give me some excellent insight into trendy and gorgeous places that I can go to. Maybe I’ll share my TikTok another time but for now here are some of the Instagram accounts which I get all my travel inspiration from!

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1. @nick_skeyes

A photographer or pilot first?

A fellow StaffTraveler (at least we think!), Nick is a Pilot and a Photographer and from the shots that he takes, I’m not sure which he does to pay his bills! He’s a phenomenal photographer and he doesn’t spare any moment to prove it on his Instagram account. Mostly taking scenic photos, I love seeing his posts for some inspiration on what destinations to check out next!

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2. @doyoutravel

I assume he's currently on Earth...

Jack travels the world searching for some amazing experiences and usually finds them! At the time of writing this post, he’s in Bali (I’m so jealous) and I’m dreaming of the day I can travel to some of the places he’s been to. I love him for his scenic landscapes and destination photos!

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3. @wanderlust_amoyed

The traveling ball of white Fluff

For a double feature we need to include Felix. You might remember him from our 5 Best Travel Pets to Follow on Instagram a while back. Well, he’s back and cuter than ever! I find myself writing some of his travels down on my annual bucket list!

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A post shared by Emilie Ristevski (@helloemilie) on

4. @helloemilie

A place for stories & wanderings

Emilie Ristevski is a huge travel personality inspiring people from all over the world! From Tanzania to the edge of the Universe, I trust Emilie to show me my next travel destination!

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5. @stafftravelerapp

Check out some awesome travelers and their journeys!

If you weren’t aware, we already have an Instagram account! We love sharing stories and experiences that our amazing community have and frequently post about every corner of the earth! Follow us today and fill us in on your travels and we’d love to share your experiences!

Let’s go through Instagram and find our next travel destination! I’m thinking Bali!

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