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Just 6 months after launching the brand new StaffTraveler app, we have reached the incredible milestone of 100,000 members! Building an app on this scale is a massive undertaking. We spent well over 3 years to develop StaffTraveler, and we’re not done yet! Here’s what’s to expect in 2019.

With StaffTraveler, you can request the seat availability for the flights you wish to staff travel (non-rev) on. Join our 100,000 members for free to make your next trip easy and stress-free!


In 2018 we focussed on bringing the best experience on a wide variety of devices. Our engaged community has sent us very valuable feedback and suggestions. Here’s a top-5 of the most requested features:

  • Bring back the numeric keyboard to enter loads
  • Bring back the web version of the app
  • Sorting options for flight search results and requests
  • Show the airline names in the flight search results
  • Tag / highlight flights



In 2019, we’ll focus on implementing these and other feature requests. There’s a lot of work to do!

Besides building the best possible non-rev platform in the world, we want to get StaffTraveler in the hands of as many colleagues as possible. You can help by telling your friends about the app and inviting them to join. You’ll receive 2 credits for each friend who joins through your link.

Thank you for your support! Let’s make 2019 the best non-rev year ever, together!

– Happy New Year from the StaffTraveler team –


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