The New StaffTraveler App is Coming Soon!

Hello StaffTravelers! We thought we’d drop a quick update on the new StaffTraveler app. Like you’ve read in last week’s email, we’re very close to launching it.

For those who’ve missed it: in the past 15 months, we’ve been working on a major overhaul of the StaffTraveler app. In fact, we started over, from scratch. Over 60.000 lines of code have been written. That’s over 50% more than the ‘old’ app. Why? Because it’s packed with improvements and new features! It’s a fully native app for both iOS and Android. That means that it will be much faster, more reliable and that it can be used when offline. How convenient?! Oh and did we say that it’s beautiful? Want to know more? We’ve made a page about the new features here.

Before we move to the new app, we want to make sure that the migration will be buttery smooth. To test every tiny detail of the app, we launched a private BETA a month ago. Over 400 members signed up to try out the app. The response was overwhelming! We’re very grateful for all the feedback we received. This enabled us to improve the app even further, add some neat features and squash out the last bugs.

Please hang tight for one more week, while we finish up on the last bits and bytes. Thank you for your patience! Talk to you soon!


When you log in to the new app, please make sure to use the email address that you're currently using for StaffTraveler. That way, we can transfer your credits to the new app. To see which email address you are using, please go to, click your profile picture and go to Settings.