You think you have what it takes to be a pilot’s partner? Here are a few things you have to put through.

Be prepared to…

Answer all the questions people have when you tell them you are married to a pilot, like: Do you fly for free? Do you always fly first class? Does the mile-high club really exist? Like seriously…

Hate the person who schedules your partner.

Understand military time.

Find earplugs in your dryer and everywhere around your house (and you know how to put them in your ear correctly (pinch and roll, pull the ear up and insert).

Use terms like FO, non-rev, pairing, ATC, deadheading, jumpseating, and slam-clicker quite a lot.

Feel annoyed that people don’t understand that you really don’t know where your partner is at this moment.

Resist the urge to slap people who refer to RJs as ‘tiny planes’, because you know the difference between a 737, 777, A320 and an RJ. 

Hate the frustrating truth that he calls when you’re busy and when you need to talk, he’s flying.

Explain to new people that your partner is not imaginary.

Find it extremely difficult to keep your promise to wait until he’s back with watching your favorite series.

Feel caught when you’re still in your pajamas at 4 pm, and your partner comes home early as a surprise.

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Feel annoyed when friends complain that their partners will be gone 24 hours.

Fall a little bit in love every time your partner puts on his/her uniform.

Don’t feel concerned if your partner refers to another guy as a ‘good stick’

Show up solo to events often enough that people start to question if you are still together.

Squeeze in a quickie before he leaves, because four days are so long!

Lie about the fact you ever ‘did it’ with his/her hat on.