1. We know how to push all the right buttons

2. Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow aren’t just the 4 cycles of an engine

3. A little turbulence makes things interesting

4. We make smooth precision approaches

5. We can go upside down, right side up or all around

6. We spend a lot of time holding it in position

7. We are federally licensed to go down your landing strip

We don't blame you ;-)

8. We have good hand – eye coordination

9. We can go with or without seeing (VFR vs IFR)

10. High thrust capabilities

11. We know a bunch of different maneuvers

12. High manifold pressure and high RPM make for a good climb

13. We like to go fast

14. We get up and stay up for hours

15. We have extensive training and get proficient by soloing

Scene from Catch me if you can - Pilot with flight attendants

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