According to the BBC, globally, only about 3% of pilots are women. We are definitely in favor of more women on the flight deck, and we are sure that you’ll be too, when you follow these 11 rockstar female pilots on Instagram.

Maria Pettersson


Without any doubt, ever smiling Maria Petterson is the most joyful, positive and popular Instagram pilot out there. She’s definitely our reason to smile every time we open Instagram and are treated with a fresh photo from this travel-loving colleague!

Maria Fagerström


Two Maria’s, flying for the same airline, equally pretty, joyful and adventurous… What are the odds? This Maria, who joined the company recently, not only shares here beautiful pictures with us on Instagram, but also takes us with her on her (sometimes breathtaking) surf trips on YouTube.

Salma AlBaloushi


@pilot.salma, a proud Emirati pilot and a dedicated mother, is not just a public figure but an inspiration to many. Often referred to as “The Amelia Earhart of the Middle East,” Salma’s journey in aviation is a testament to her passion and determination. Her achievements continue to inspire and pave the way for aspiring aviators.



@flaflafl, also known as Flávia, is all about embracing life to the fullest. Hailing from Brazil, she has soared to new heights as an airline pilot, currently stationed in the vibrant United Arab Emirates. Her Instagram offers a captivating glimpse into her adventures and the exciting world of aviation. With Flávia, every moment is an opportunity to live her best life; her feed reflects that exhilarating spirit.



Meet @pilot.anouk, a seasoned airline pilot with a wealth of experience, boasting over 8000 flight hours. Currently flying as a First Officer on the B737, she’s also held positions as a flight instructor and Captain on the B737. Beyond the cockpit, Anouk’s heart belongs to exploring new horizons, keeping an active lifestyle, and nurturing her love for travel.


Anya‘s dreams of global travel took flight when she discovered aviation at 15 through Aviation Career Enrichment (ACE), a non-profit flight school. After graduating from both ACE and high school in 2009, she also participated in the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals’ (OBAP) Summer 2007 ACE Academy. This immersive experience kindled a new dream and gave her wings.

Jess Lucas


Meet @pilot.jess, a remarkable airline pilot and Airbus A320 First Officer who’s also a proud mama. With her passion for aviation and her role as a mother, she’s here to inspire and uplift.



Dutch jet jockey, photographer, fitgirl and traveler Christa knows how to capture a great shot. And we are privileged to enjoy her best shots!



The Belgian 737 pilot Kimberly is a rising star. She takes us with her en-route and we love it!

Eva Clair


Barcelona-based Dutchie Eva Claire has been posting pictures about her life en-route but also on her own journeys since 2014. In November 2016, she decided to go on a 30-day, 800 km journey to Santiago. By foot. Solo.

Now that’s what we call spirit!

A photo posted by pilotolivia (@pilotolivia) on



Not a single square cm (or inch, if that’s your thing) is unknown to this mysterious Boeing 737 pilot. If you love this plane as much as we do, follow Olivia!



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