Everyone needs a pet in their lives and for us, we need one that can travel. Check out these jet-setting pets and bring your little buddy on your next non-rev journey!

1. @mr.pokee

The World‘s Cutest Adventurers

Mr.Pokee is the world’s cutest (and probably smallest) pet traveler! He’s a cute little hedgehog who is either hiking up a mountain or roaming the streets of Paris looking for a macaron. Mr.Pokee is the most charming and adorable account for hedgehogs!

2. @wanderlust_samoyed

The traveling ball of white Fluff

Felix, or wanderlust_samoyed, is probably the softest pet to grace our list. He’s a Samoyed who are known for their thick coats and looking stunning in photos! He and his owner are based in Germany which makes their travels usually have magnificent European landscapes like this one of the Parliament House in Budapest here!

3. @burmaadventurecat

A true Adventure Cat

We think he puts it best himself “A brown cat living a life of adventure… and a jealous spoiled dog”. This account features a traveling feline named Burma and his travels around. A true cutie although in half of his photos he looks like an angry old man…

4. @aspenthemountainpup

The Pup traveling through Mountains

Aspen is a real cutie and a lover of mountains! Based in Colorado, USA you’ll find Aspen anywhere in the US looking for a nice and cool mountain to make his way up. When he’s not in Colorado you can see this beautiful Golden Retriever going anywhere in the world looking around for gorgeous nature to roll around in!

5. @expeditionego

Inspiration for your stays

Last but definitely not least is our little buddy Ego. Sydney and Ego take adventures all around looking for their next adventure and having a great time! Preferring more mountainous terrain, you can find Sydney and Ego taking their travels around wonderful waterfalls with mountains in the backdrop! A great place for a pup!

Grab your favorite travel pet and catch a flight today! Don’t forget to check your airline’s pet travel rules!

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