The USA is big. Very big. Subsequently, this makes traveling through it a bit intimidating and presents some difficult questions. Where in the USA should I go? How long should I go for?

Here, we’ll be going over some of the most memorable destinations in the USA and why they’re some places that can’t be missed!

New York City, New York

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You can’t have a list like this and exclude the Big Apple! NYC is among the most iconic cities in the USA. Above all, NYC offers a little something for everyone. For instance, you have art at the MoMA, shows on Broadway, exploring rich and diverse food culture and visiting historic sites.

NYC has 3 major airports and there over 1,700 daily arrivals to those three airports. So, finding a way to get there isn’t hard!

For a great day in NYC, why not head to a pier and take a ferry to Liberty Island, the permanent residence of the Statue of Liberty and marvel at France’s generous gift to the USA. The ferry ride over to the island will give you stunning views of the NYC skyline.

After that, head to Midtown. Grab some lunch at one of the most famous food carts in NYC: The Halal Guys on 53rd and 6th. And then take your food and head to Central Park for a picnic.

Lastly, catch a late night show or head to the bars, NYC will have something that you’re interested in doing! This city has an event for every hour of the day and you can find ones you’re interested in at Timeout New York!

The statue of Liberty in New York City with a fog in the background

Miami, Florida

Drone shot of South Beach in Miami with the Iconic Pink Life Guard shack

Miami is famous for its temperate weather, stunning beaches, and beautiful weather! For that reason, the beaches here are among the best! Although the beaches are great, Miami has so much more to offer. Such as its rich Hispanic and Portuguese cultures. While here you can see the influence in the music, the food, and art!

Miami has one massive international airport. This airport services so many airlines that it won’t be hard to find one that flies here!

You must visit the beach in Miami. I recommend taking the better part of a day at South Beach and relaxing, soaking up the sun! When you are ready go for a stroll along Ocean Drive and check out the luxury cars, Lummus Park, and pass by the Versace house. All while looking around at the restaurants.

You’ll come across Lincoln road after walking for a while and come across a shopping plaza with high-end stores and boutiques all located in the same area!

To end the day, head over to Little Havana for dinner and try some of the famous Cuban cuisines that Miami is known for!

Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is called the Mile High City since it’s located exactly one mile above sea level (1.6 KM)! Denver is a great city but the natural beauty near the city is what puts it on this list!

To the North-West of Denver is Rocky Mountain National Park. This park is well known for its stunning natural landscapes and phenomenal hiking. Rocky Mountain National Park has 107 trails of various difficulty that can challenge beginners and even experts!

One other thing Denver has is snow sports. Denver is famously the USA’s Mecca for winter activities and has four awesome mountain resorts and ski ranges nearby!

Denver is a little more difficult to get to than the other two cities. Although, not too difficult. Denver International Airport services quite a few flights from Europe and Asia although it is a huge hub of operations for both United and Southwest Airlines. You can check out this blog post here to figure out how to get to Denver!

Historic Union Station in Denver Colorado USA

Orlando, Florida

A daytime shot of the iconic castle in Disney's Magic Kingdom Park

Orlando is another famous Florida City. It is commonly known as the theme park center of the world with so many internationally known theme parks located here such as:

Each of these parks has something distinct to offer for everyone! Disney World is the most impressive holding four parks within it and each is famously immersive!

Orlando is the USA’s theme park Mecca. There are so many theme parks in Orlando that it is very easy to spend all your time in them! Especially with Disney opening new attractions in recent years! Orlando is easily a unique and magical destination!

Although there is so much to do at all the parks and resorts, you must check out some of the local scenes! There are natural springs and good camping spots in the area, such as Juniper Springs that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Washington D.C, USA

Last but not least is the USA’s Capital: Washington D.C. As you would expect, this city is filled with history and politics. From here you can see the buildings in the USA with some of the most power and museums recounting some of the USA’s greatest achievements.

There is no shortage of museums in this city. Mostly located around the National Mall, there are a grand total of 79 museums located in this city. The ones that surround the National Mall are mostly free and include:

These are not to mention the countless memorials nearby honoring those who fought for civil justice and who have given their lives in defense.

For when the sun sets and the museums are closed, there are great places to catch a drink, eat and relax in Washington D.C! For instance, Logan Circle just north of the National Mall is a great spot to relax and grab a drink!

Again, Washington D.C is another city that’s fairly easy to get to. There are two major airports that you can fly into, namely IAD and DCA. Although DCA is more of a domestic airport, IAD has flights coming from all over the world!

A wonderful shot of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

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