As 2019 draws to an end we need to present our top non-rev day trips that you need to take in 2020! A new decade brings new experiences, travels and opporunties to meet people around the world! These 5 destinations are those which we found to be the ones which we want to revisit for 2020!

1. Bali

The World's most intoxicating island

This year we’ve talked about this enchanting island praisint its beuaty and splendor. An amazing island for any non-rev to travel to! It’s well worth all the travel hype that’s it’s accrued for the last few years and it should be on the top islands you should try to visit to in 2020!

2. Dallas, TX

The traveling ball of white Fluff

A classic city in Texas known for its growth and amazing commercial opportunity. Dallas is a quickly growing and developing city with an extraordinary night and food scene. It’s a great city for connectivity and one to not sleep on! Check it out as soon as you can!

3. New York City

A true Adventure Cat

This one is an easy sell. New York City is an internationally famous destination for people and holds up to its reputation. There is everything for everyone in this city and it shows every second of every day! Being such a huge hub for all airlines across its 3 major airports, there is no reason to not plan your next trip to NYC right now!

4. Hong Kong

The Pup traveling through Mountains

Hong Kong is an amazing place for a day trip and should be among your top priorities if you haven’t been yet! Despite its current political tensions, it’s a country that is very well known for its amazing landscape and food. It’s definitely a great mix between the western and eastern world and would make a great story for your children!

5. Lisbon

Inspiration for your stays

This city is a bit of a silent killer. Lisbon is famous for its rich Portuguese history and for its notorious affordability. A great destination for any non-rev who’s wondering where they should go for a quick weekend holiday. Between the affordable wines, experiences, wines, and the cultural trip to experience what Portugal is all about you must make an effort to visit Portugal! Among our favorite experiences is to visit our friends Ricardo and Ricardo at 86 Cocktail Bar who not only know how to create a mean cocktail but also are among the most personable and friendliest bartenders ever! Check them out and learn how to make cocktails with them through their Airbnb Experience here! They provided us the most amazing experience in Lisbon and were lifelong friends we cherish!

2019 was an amazing year of travel for the books and 2020 gives us the opportunity to catch up and make some unique experiences to see the world! Looking at the world through the lens of a non-rev gives us a unique opportunity to see the whole world and I’m so happy to be able to see every destination as another place in the world waiting to be explored!

StaffTraveler for web