Do you like listening to podcasts? It turns out that there are a lot of aviation podcasts out there. Let’s discover the world of aviation podcasts together. Here is a list of my favorites.

Non-Rev Lounge

Have you heard of the Non-Rev Lounge podcast? It’s a fantastic show that we absolutely love! Monique is a gate agent, Lara is a flight attendant, and Tyler is a ramper. They share their experiences and tips on non-rev travel and invite guests to join them on the show to share their own stories. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about non-rev travel.

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Standby Secrets 

Our friends Matt and Millie are the hosts of Standby Secrets, an amazing podcast designed for travel hackers, credit card enthusiasts, and professionals in the travel industry. They were kind enough to share some tips on how to get hotel discounts with us, which we have published on our blog.

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Pilot to Pilot

Justin Siems launched an aviation podcast in 2017, which has now become one of the most popular and widely listened to podcasts in this niche. With each episode, listeners can explore different aspects of aviation, be it corporate, private, or commercial. Justin invites a diverse range of pilots with varied backgrounds and experiences, making the podcast informative and engaging for all aviation enthusiasts.

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Never Again

In this show, pilots share first-person accounts of terrifying experiences in the cockpit. Therefore others can learn from their mistakes.

Each monthly podcast showcases a pilot sharing their story of trouble in the cockpit. In less than ten minutes, you can learn from others’ situations. This will help you be more prepared if the same thing ever happens to you.

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There I Was…

Are you a fan of hearing bizarre situations? Do you want to gain insight from pilots who have walked away from these scenarios? In that case, you love this podcast series.

The AOPA Air Safety Institute invites you into the cockpit with pilots as they encounter unpredictable scenarios. But don’t worry they will fly safely out of them.

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Airline Pilot Guy Show

Are you a private pilot, and have you ever wondered what life looks like from the cockpit of a commercial aircraft? Or are you a commercial pilot, and do you want to get a good laugh and share insights with a fellow airline pilot? Then this is your podcast!

Captain Jeff Nielsen puts out a weekly podcast to share his perspective and opinion as a pilot in the commercial airline industry. Listen to his take on topics like weather, aviation safety, layovers and aviation industry news.

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Inspired Pilot

Are you looking for motivation to keep working on the certifications you need to reach your piloting goals? Marvyn Robinson’s Inspired Pilot podcast is a show that features the stories of inspirational pilots from many different walks of life.

Learn life lessons from bush pilots, military pilots, airline pilots, flight instructors and more. How they first got in the air, and where their path has led them. Most importantly, you’re sure to walk away with insight, inspiration, and motivation for your journey.

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The Green Dot

This podcast is for everyone who is intrigued by aviation and innovation. It features EAA news, general aviation topics, history, personal experiences from the hosts, and a variety of guests. 

Listen to the latest aviation news, bites of aviation history, and amazing personal experience stories shared by hosts and guests. Most noteworthy guests have included F-117 Nighthawk pilots. A Thunderbird pilot, and the pilot of Air Force One on 9/11.

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The Fighter Pilot Podcast

Military aircraft are fascinating to many people. Catch all the excitement of life as a fighter pilot when you listen to an episode of The Fighter Pilot Podcast.

The host, Vincent Aiello, grew up fascinated with military jets. He pursued that passion into a career as a U.S. Navy fighter pilot. The show explores the fascinating world of air combat: the aircraft, the weapons systems, and the people.

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Aviation Careers Podcast

Discover the diverse aviation career fields with a focus on becoming a pilot. Decide if a career in aviation is for you and learn how to improve your aviation career.

Each of Pilots Carl Valeri’s episodes involve for example career advice, interviews with aviation professionals and answers to listener’s emails. Rediscover your focus and career purpose, then gain insight on how to get there with help from the Aviation Careers Podcast.

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Airplane Geeks Podcast

Pilots host many aviation podcasts, so the Airplane Geeks Podcast provides a unique perspective. Max Flight is retired after a 35-year career with a jet engine manufacturer.

Max aims to educate and explore and expand your passion for aviation. The podcasts discuss commercial, military, and general aviation topics. Usually with a prominent industry guest. Most noteworthy guests have included Lee Human, president and CEO of AeroTEC and Richard Hammond, WWII veteran and tail gunner on the B-17 “Pig Chaser.”

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