Hotels often constitute a significant portion of trip expenses. However, there are several strategies to save money and unlock opportunities for more travel. In this article, Matt and Milli from Standby Secrets will explore various methods that can help you take advantage of loyalty rewards programs, leverage discount travel websites and apps, and utilize hotel promo codes and special rates.

1. Utilize Loyalty Rewards Programs

Most major hotel brands worldwide offer loyalty programs designed to incentivize customer loyalty. As airline crew members, you may have the chance to earn elite status nights or points during layovers, training sessions, or commuting. Non-crew airline employees might also collect points while on business travel. These points can be redeemed for free nights during your vacations. Additionally, even if the hotel does not allow points for airline-booked stays, you can still accumulate elite nights, which can help you achieve elite status. Elite status offers benefits such as late checkout, free breakfast, and room upgrades.

2. Discount Travel Websites or Apps

Numerous websites and apps provide hotel accommodations at rates often cheaper than what hotels advertise directly. While these platforms offer lower rates, it’s important to note that flexibility with changes can be challenging or impossible. However, StaffTraveler often offers comparable or lower rates compared to sites like Orbitz and Moreover, StaffTraveler has more flexible cancellation policies, allowing you to cancel your reservation free of charge anytime before the day of check-in. For resorts and all-inclusive accommodations, Airlinestaffrates or Stafftravelvoyager offer significantly discounted rates with a wide selection of large and small resorts. Stafftravelvoyager stands out by offering payment upon arrival, ensuring ultimate flexibility.

3. Consider Hostels for Solo Travelers

For solo travelers who don’t require an entire room, hostels can be an excellent option to save money and meet fellow travelers. Booking platforms like Agoda and HostelWorld provide easy booking and detailed property ratings. Trying a hostel can be a rewarding experience both financially and socially.

4. Hotel Promo Codes and Special Rates

Several major hotel chains offer discount codes exclusively for individuals in the travel industry. These codes often require presenting an employee badge at check-in for validation. Here are some examples:

  • IHG (International or Holiday Inn): Allows cancellation up to 4 pm on the same day, but no rewards. They have a dedicated website for airline employees to book.
  • Marriott (Westin, Courtyard, Sheraton): Use promo code Z31 and book through the regular website.
  • Hilton (Conrad, Hilton Garden Inn, Embassy Suites): Visit the airline employee-specific website and provide an airline email for bookings.
  • Minor Hotels (NH Collection, Avani): Apply promo code TIR through their website.
  • Mantra Hotels Use promo code IND0623 on their website.

Remember, these promo codes may not always offer the lowest rates, and their availability can vary. However, when applicable, they can lead to substantial savings.

5. Get a Job Working at a Hotel

One of the most cost-effective ways to secure discounted hotel rates is by working at a hotel or having a friend or family member share their hotel benefits. Consider part-time positions, such as being a shuttle van driver, which many airline employees have found to be a suitable option.

As an airline employee, you can avoid overspending on hotels by incorporating these cost-saving strategies, allowing you to make the most of your travel budget. By taking advantage of loyalty rewards programs, discount websites, promo codes, and even considering hotel employment, you can effectively manage your hotel expenses. These approaches provide access to affordable accommodations, enabling airline employees to embark on more journeys and thrilling adventures. Embrace these tips and enjoy your travels while keeping expenses in check!

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