After our list of the 7 most popular female pilots on Instagram, here is your definitive guide of the 10 most popular flight attendants!

What are your favourite Flight attendants on Instagram? Let us know!

Ally Cale


Ally is not only a Houston based FA but also a venturous consultant who helps women be their own boss. And, most importantly, Ally loves wine! Gotta love this girl!

Robyn Ferguson


Adventure seeker, traveler, model… Robyn from Scotland is all of it. Oh and when she has time, she Robyn soars the skies with Emirates.

Elena Shchu


Aeroflot purser Elena Shchu speaks Russian, English, Spanish and Japanese and is also a very good and creative photographer. Check our her perfect feed!

Andrea Goetz


There’s no way around the talented Instagrammer, YouTuber and Lufthansa Flight attendant Andrea Goetz. Check out her beautiful feed!

Georgia Nielsen


One of the most popular flight attendants on Instagram is Emirates FA Georgia Nielsen. Check out her beautiful feed with 35k followers.

Clarice Gourmet


Don’t get fooled by the pretty face of this French/American, Boston based flight attendant. This is a tough one! Clarice likes fashion, coffee and, of course, travelling!

With almost 40k followers, Brigita Jagelaviciute is one of the most popular flight attendants on Instagram. You might find this Lithuanian blogger, traveler & dreamer in the bar of the Emirates A380.



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