After our list of the 5 Most Popular Female Flight Attendants on Instagram, here is your guide to 7 popular male flight attendants that you should follow on Instagram!

Who are your favourite Flight attendants on Instagram? Let us know!

Drew and Rich


Drew and Rich, the dynamic duo behind Two Guys on a Plane, showcase their passion for travel, humor, and the flight attendant lifestyle through their website and social media platforms. They met on a flight in 2014 and got married in 2017. Shortly after that, they launched their blog. Their content spans insights into the airline industry, travel tips, flight attendant anecdotes, amusing memes, deals, and more.

Adrián Lorente


Meet Adrian, a vibrant member of the Cabin Crew community, based in Barcelona. When he’s not soaring through the skies, he’s lighting up the dance floor with his passion for dancing. Adrian brings energy and enthusiasm both in the air and in your Instagram feed!


Meet Marvie: A Filipino who serves as an International Cabin Crew in British Airways. Marvie operates flights on A319/320/321, B777, B787, and the A380—a recent addition to the repertoire!

Jay Robert


Alright, Jay might have left his role as a flight attendant after his 13-year journey with Emirates. However, you’ve got to check out his Instagram! He’s known for sharing hilarious videos, always one of the first to get them out there. They’ll either make you laugh, genuinely surprise you, or even leave you scratching your head.

Also, check out his Facebook page!

Guy Fournier


Introducing Guy: Cabin Manager at Westjet’s widebody fleet, offering enthralling narratives from this outstanding Canadian carrier. He’s also a Realtor, seasoned traveler, and proudly Canadian.



Flying from beautiful Thailand and representing their national carrier while seeing the world.



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